Take the opponent in speed padel can be more complicated than in tennis, nespecially because of its "famous walls" which often bring the ball back!


In tennis, it is about hitting the ball (it is therefore necessary to have a significant momentum combined with ample preparation).

Au padel the objective of the upper body, especially in forehand and backhand, is to accompany the ball more. A reduced preparation generates a need to accentuate the end of the gesture.

While we will try to speed up his shots in tennis, padel precision will require slowing down, especially when returning windows; the speed being already produced by the ball coming in the direction of the opposing court.


Sanyo Gutierrez backhand Alpha Pro V

Often we forget the speed that it is necessary to give to his footwork, referring especially to the pace of small steps. Go fast to give yourself time!

We know the importance of anchoring the strike even more pronounced than in tennis.

Performing several small steps and not one big step The placement allows a better understanding of the effects, changes in direction, especially against walls and fences, and to compensate for poor appreciation of bullet trajectories.

Many players, for example, think they have time to recover a lob after the wall! However, when one seeks the perfect placement with the objective of producing a “bajada de pared” in all its forms (strong smash in the center on the player, ball deposited towards the ends, lob…), it is essential to sprint to take the time to position yourself!


La padel can still be played too tennis (very fast) especially in France, making it difficult to put the game down: that is to say to build the points with variations in rhythm giving rise to a more strategic and intense game .

So let's look for speed, but in a suitable way!

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