SPORTHYPE: a new physical and mental evaluation system padel

Interview with Andrea Filippo Rosso, founder of SPORTHYPE, physical and mental evaluation system.

The industry of padel in Europe has grown exponentially. Today, play padel between friends has completely returned to normal. So much so that in recent years, many tennis courts, or even entire clubs, have been transformed and evolved to meet the growing demand for tennis courts. padel.

Today, the padel appears to be a more inclusive sport than its cousin tennis, which generally requires initiation from childhood to develop a professional career. For a long time, SPORTHYPE has developed know-how in data analysis in the field of tennis. This know-how has recently been adapted to padel, with specific characteristics, due to the particularities of this sport.

New player and performance analysis

Thanks to quick and easy-to-complete evaluation forms for coaches, and use of
online systems adaptable for smartphones, it is possible to create a data portfolio for players. The goal: to improve their approach and performance in this sport. Perhaps, with the ultimate goal for some, becoming a professional player.

What makes the difference, apart from collecting the data, are the statistical models that then use it. Through the use of variables regarding the quality of the player's shots and his general skills, it is possible to follow the growth trend and keep it under control for months or years, to make comparisons between groups of players and create reference points (benchmark) for evaluation.

There are many other elements that are useful for both the player and the coach to understand if it is necessary to intervene and especially in what area. This also fits into the perspective of injury prevention: physical structure (biometrics), heart rate, analysis of sweating and hydration.

An approach for tomorrow

In order to have more reliable and objective data, SPORTHYPE has developed a prototype of an intelligent racket with an integrated accelerometer to provide the player with feedback on the force of the strike in G: for each shot, it must remain within a certain range so as not to compromise accuracy.

This racket was presented and tested during the Charity Padel Day organized in Turin by Sport Innovation Hub Italia, and other tests were carried out with Alessandro Ossola, Paralympic running athlete and founder of Inclusive Padel Tour.

The SPORTHYPE scorecard analysis system is developed on an online platform in order to offer a simple but useful service to clubs and academies who wish to increase their chances of discovering tomorrow's new champions today!

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