Businesses Sports Management et Anybuddy join forces to offer a unique service to club managers, but also to players.

The two companies now have a single connection: on Gestion Sports, the manager can choose the time slots he wishes to make available at Anybuddy and will see his schedule updated automatically with each reservation.

On Anybuddy, players will be able to instantly book their court!

To Loic Tap, CEP of Sports Management, this partnership is obviously promising:

“We are very happy to collaborate with Anybuddy and this will allow us to show our desire to be able to offer clubs new solutions to attract people, increase their rentals and optimize their activity.

We have the same objectives: to enable the practice of padel and tennis to large numbers in an effort to help leaders.

We have gathered some clubs to allow them to place their free slots on the Anybuddy platform. Thus, their visibility with the 200 practitioners was greater and they were able to acquire reservations that they would never have had (vacationers, tourists, amateurs, leisure, passing through, etc.). We logically recommend Anybuddy to all the clubs that trust us because they have everything to gain from it. And I even believe they will get a little welcome gift by contacting the Anybuddy team on our behalf…”

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