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Sports Management is the software of padel who can do it all.

  • You want to get started and create a club of Padel ?

  • You are already a manager, manager or shareholder of a club Padel ?

The GESTION SPORTS software is made for you.

Loïc TAP launches Gestion Sports! He is already a veteran of padel French. He is among other things responsible for one of the biggest clubs in padel French: Le Tennis Squash Padel Club du Mas in Perpignan.

It provides professional management and development solutions.

Sport Management in a few words

  • Win time

  • Fill empty land

  • Boost your club

  • Retain players

  • Team working

  • Earn money

  • Become more professional

Sports Management is a cost-effective tool that offers a real return on investment.

"When I developed Sports Management, I had only one thing in mind: to create an intuitive tool, super easy to use. In addition, the design is pleasant, and when you are a manager and you spend more than 15 hours a day on a computer tool, that counts! Explains Loïc Tap.

The main features:

RESERVATION IN 5 CLICKS: Your members can make a reservation in 5 clicks. Fast, simple and effective.

CREATING AUTOMATIC PARTS: Your members can create and add to games (of the same level) and meet new people. You will easily fill your off-peak hours ... 

PRIVATE MEMBER SPACE: Your members all have access to their space to book, add to games or sign up for events and tournaments.

YOUTH SCHOOL: Create your youth school and manage online registration.

MEMBERSHIP MANAGEMENT: Optimized member management to know everything about your customers ... Number of bookings, preferred day, preferred partner ...

RANKING & RANKING: Assign a level or a classification to each of your members to find them partners of the same level.

DETAILED STATISTICS: Access a broad list of statistics that will show you how to evolve your club.

ADVERTISING & PARTNERS: Create advertising inserts on your members' private space, on your website and rename your sites by the name of a partner.

RESTAURANT: Your customers can book their meal when booking a court. Simple, fast and especially practical!

SMS NOTIFICATIONS: At each reservation, your members receive a confirmation SMS.

RECOVER SUBSCRIBE: With a simple click, send a reminder email to members who are expiring.

INFORMATION: Your members can contact you in their private member area for more information ...

CREATE YOUR TOURNAMENTS: Create and manage your online tournament registrations. Your members can register through their member area.

CREATE YOUR ANIMATIONS: Create and manage the registrations of your animations online. Your members can register through their member area.

CREATE YOUR INTERNSHIPS: Create and manage the registration of your internships for young people and adults online. Your members can register through their member area 

CREATE YOUR TRAINING GROUPS: Create and manage registrations for your online youth and adult training groups. Your members can register through their member area.

Expertise and website

DEVELOPMENT CONSULTING: Take advantage of its expertise to help you develop your club quickly! PRO WEBSITE: Benefit from a professional website with training to update all your club news!

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