Focus on the Squash Club Parc Ducup. Located in the east of Perpignan, the club was opened in April 2015 but the padel party was added in April 2016. Mickael Place opens the doors of its multi-sport club including squash, padel and a "home" fitness area.

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Can you tell us your story?

Well, I'm going to surprise, but I do not come from padel, or from a racket sport, my field is nutrition / fitness / sports coaching. This sports club is in some way the project of my life because I have gathered my passion, my skills and beautiful sports that are paddle and squash.

But you did not start putting padel ...

Actually the padel arrived in a second time. First, I focused on indoor practices: My core business, sports coaching, with modern methods and techniques adapted to sports and squash. We have 4 terrains.

Then locals freed themselves and at the same time I discovered an exciting sport padel thanks to the Mas club in Perpignan which was at the time the only club to offer padel and Mathieu Oribes, President of the tennis club of Saint Esteve . Mathieu joined the padel project at the center.

But we were lucky to have a location that was free near our premises. We jumped at the opportunity to propose a new activity padel.

We put the 4 paddle pitches. 1 outdoor, 2 semi indoor and 1 indoor.

Soon 1 padel year ...

It's a sport that explodes; many squash players spend on the padel activity. We have 2 paddle teachers: Leo Decarli and Laia. He is Argentinian and she is Catalan. They both come from Rosas to give padel lessons 3 days a week.

There will be some evolutions?

The semi-indoor pitches will soon be fully indoor. No more wind, no rain on these grounds because in Perpignan, it can sometimes scold loudly. On the other hand, our outdoor terrain will remain outdoor. There will be no changes at this level.

The club offers more and more events related padel?

We had the Padel Infinity most recently with difficult weather conditions, but we still managed to complete our tournaments. We will offer padel tournaments at the end of every month.

We offer educational tournaments every Saturday morning. Our teacher is part of this group of 8 to give advice. It works very well.

We also have grill nights in perspective for the summer season.

However, the club remains very focused on the leisure and not on the competition, even if one develops it for some time.

Combining sports coaching with padel, is it for soon?

It is indeed planned. We put in place a specific physical preparation padel.

Group preparation starting in April will be planned.

These are groups of 10 people with a coach. We will do it once a week. All the people who make competitions will be able to thus have a preparation dedicated to the padel with work with the racket.

It will be a great first in the middle of the padel and I think we will have a very good return.

Interview by Franck Binisti

Franck Binisti

Franck Binisti discovers the padel at the Pyramid Club in 2009 in the Paris region. Since then padel is part of his life. You often see him touring France by going to cover the big French paddle events.