This Sunday and Monday at the Mas club in Perpignan the traditional training course for the French team will take place. The coaches Pablo Ayma and Robin Haziza, accompanied by Benjamin Tison, will be able to see 16 players confront each other with a view to making their choices for the next international events, namely the European Championships, scheduled for the end of July in Cagliari, and the Worlds, which will take place at the end of October in a still unknown location.

The players will train in the mornings and participate in matches in the afternoons.

Remember that during the European Championships, as during the World Championships, each time eight players will be chosen per team.

The lists as communicated by the FFT:


  3. Jessica GINIER
  4. Carla TOULY
  5. Charlotte SOUBRIE
  6. Lucile POTHIER
  7. Fiona LIGI
  8. Tiffany PHAYSOUPHANH, replaced by Alexise DUCHÊNE
  9. Wendy BARSOTTI
  10. Elodie INVERNON
  11. Louise Bahurel
  12. Camille SIREIX
  13. Melanie ROS
  14. Laura BUTEAU
  15. Marie LEFFEVRE
  16. Melissa MARTIN


  1. Thomas LEGUE
  2. Bastien BLANQUE
  3. Dylan GUICHARD
  4. Max MOREAU
  5. John BERGERON
  6. Adrien MAIGRET
  7. Jerome INZERILLO
  8. Timeo FONTENY (injured)
  9. Julien SEURIN
  10. VIVES manual
  11. Maxime JORIS
  12. Thomas VANBAUCE
  13. Arthur HUGOUNENQ
  14. Maxime FORCIN
  15. Yohan BORONAD
  16. Philemon RAICHMAN

We see with the two lists, the selectors are banking on continuity, with a majority of experienced players, who participated in the last rounds with France, and who are still the best ranked at international level. However, we note the incorporation of promising young people, like Bahurel among the girls or Boronad and Fonteny among the boys. A way of preparing the next generation.

As you probably know if you follow Padel Magazine, many of these players are in Burriana this weekend to participate in a FIP Rise. It could therefore be possible, depending on the results, that some will be absent during part of the course...

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