With the approach of the Christmas holidays, and the Master of Barcelona, ​​all brands are working hard and release their new collection. Let's see what StarVie has reserved for the end of the year.

StarVie will have us well done wait before revealing his collection for next year. The Spanish brand, which stands out from the competition by offering hand-made models in Spain (exactly in Azuqueca de Henares, Guadalajara), put the package on a new visual identity. For 2020, the brand offers four different ranges for a total of 14 rackets (including a junior). At first glance, the least we can say is that new models are throwing!


Let's start with the Tritón which is a brand new model. Located in the Premium range, this diamond shaped racquet features a brand new mold created for the occasion. It incorporates a brand new piece in the center of the racket: the Star Balance. The surface of the pala is rough, to maximize the effects. It is available in two versions: one with a soft foam and the other with a pro foam, harder. The foam is 100% carbon coated and the handle is extended by one centimeter to facilitate the two-handed backhand. A racket that should be very powerful , perfect for attackers!

The Metheora Warrior and the Basalto Gravity

Let's take a look at the other two StarVie Premium models: Metheora Warrior and Basalto Gravity. The first is Matí Diaz's racket, the most expensive model of the brand. Aside from visual changes, this racket looks similar to the previous year's model. It will nevertheless test to make sure. The Basalto Gravity on the other hand is different from the Basalto 2019, especially with its drop-shaped shape, unlike the previous model which was round. It should therefore gain a little power.

The Raptor Pro, Brava Black Edition and Aluminum

These three rackets, which make up the Universe range, look very similar in terms of the technologies used compared to the 2019 models. The big change is at the design levelwhich was very neat. The rackets of the Universe range are a little less expensive than those of the Premium range but are still in the very top of the range. The Brava Black Edition is shaped like a drop of water with a rather soft foam, perfect for players looking for power, when the Aluminum is a round racket, ideal for those who like to defend. Finally we do not present the Raptor Pro which is the model of Franco Stupaczuk.

The Aquila Rocket and the Titania Moon

The Aquila Rocket is the new version of the racket used by Majo Alayeto in 2019. Like last year, this drop-shaped racket is available with soft foam and pro foam. A powerful racket with an excellent control. Unlike the 2019 Titania, the Titania Moon is only available with a soft foam, it is perfect for those looking for a pala very easy to handle.

Sentinel Carbon, Luxel and Turning

The three rackets of the Discover range are the three cheapest models of the brand, they are rackets very easy to handle intended mainly for the players who begin. Nevertheless, their aesthetic remains very neat.

As you can see, StarVie does not have a revolution for 2020, which essentially reissues the most popular models for consumers by giving them a devastating new identity. It will have to be attentive to see with what snowshoes will play sisters Alayeto next season since they do not officially have a signature model and the racket with which Mapi played, the Polaris, was not renewed for 2020 ...

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