Discover the novelties StarVie which foresees very beautiful things for 2022, with in particular the new signature pala of Bea Gonzalez, and the Colors Carbon!

Colors Carbon 3K

New Starvie Banner 2022

The brand that manufactures its palas is making a change in cosmetics in its factory in Azuqueca de Henares in Spain. Three of the palas in the Premium range will be fitted with this new colored 3K carbon. There will be blue on the new Metheora Warrior 2022, red on the Raptor Evolution and white on the StarVie Astrum Eris!

The new StarVie Astrum Eris

Metheora Starvie Astrum Eris 2022

We've been waiting for it for a while, here are the first images of Bea Gonzalez's signature racquet finished! The Astrum Erissera will therefore be the new pala of the 10th player of the WPT. With its EVA Soft foam and its fiberglass topped with golden 3K carbon fiber on the faces, it promises to be a handy, comfortable pala with great ball output.

The new Raptor Evolution

StarVie Raptor Evolution 2022

The Raptor Evolution is the new version of the Raptor. With its double thickness of red 3K carbon on the sides, it promises more power and spin thanks to the Full Plane Effect surface. Still round in shape, the Raptor Evolution will guarantee you a lot of control and maneuverability.

 The new Metheora Warrior 2022

Starvie Metheora Warrior 2022Mati Diaz's racquet, the Warrior, arrives in its new 2022 version. This iconic racquet of the brand arrives with two layers of blue 3K carbon on the faces, topping the EVA Soft foam. On the program it is a very manoeuvrable, precise, control oriented pala which will not lack cutting edge when it comes to concluding.

The new Comet and Tronix

StarVie does not forget the players in improvement, with two palas of the Discovery range, ofsigned in Spain. Two round palas, again for maximum maneuverability. The Comet will give you a great ball output, while the Tronix, with its large sweet-spot, will allow you to benefit from a great tolerance.

Find all the news in this presentation video:

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