Sunday night, Arturo Coello and Agustin Tapia won their fourth title of the season by beating Galan and Chingotto in the Asuncion P2 final.

By dominating his runner-up ranking for the second time this year, the number 1 pair reset the counters against the number 2 pair (2 wins to 2). And if the ranking was finally respected, nothing was easy for Gustavo Pratto's players who won at the end of suspense: 6/1 3/6 7/6.

To push the best duo of 2023 to its limits, “Chingalan” resorted to a fairly basic strategy: that of the fridge. Indeed, as you will see below, Chingotto played 70% of his balls diagonally and Galan 59% of his balls in parallel... In other words, Tapia was avoided and therefore Coello clearly targeted by Jorge Martinez's players!

The native of Valladolid tried to get his teammate to be more involved, sending almost half of his balls at Galan but the Madrilenian made sure not to play too much diagonally. Ale Galan, the master of the ratio of winning points to unforced errors, who is evolving at a stratospheric level right now, he fears crossed with the “Mozart of Catamarca”?

It's a safe bet that the Madrilenian simply applied the instructions of the coaches, who surely see in Tapia a player capable of causing pain on any ball, while his partner remains more predictable. And they are certainly not wrong, because as we saw in the third set, even when Tapia is a little behind, he is capable of making winning shots from another world to turn the tide. Behind, it was Coello who finished the job by showing impressive composure in key moments.

In the end, if the strategy of avoiding Agustin gave certain results in the sense that it frustrated the Argentinian and prevented him from having a top-notch match, it ultimately resulted in a defeat... Will you see? So will we have another approach from the “Chingalan” pair in the next match, or will Jorge Martinez’s team insist on this strategy?

Generally speaking, don't you think that Galan, at the top of his game right now, should go get a real hand to hand with the native of Catamarca in the left diagonal during the next match between the two pairs?

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