StarVie, leading brand in the global padel, open their doors. Discover his history, the why of snowshoe names as well as some anecdotes unearthed by Stéphane Penso.

Almost 20 years of craftsmanship

StarVie is a Spanish brand created in 2002, dedicated exclusively to the production and promotion of equipment for padel. After a few years in Barcelona, ​​the company headed by Jorge Gómez de la Vega
moved to Azuqueca de Henares in the northeast of Madrid. She built there a factory where it manufactures 100% of snowshoes using only the best materials available, as part of an efficient artisanal process, giving the palas high characteristics and durability.

The manufacturing process of StarVie palas!

The best materials

One of the best examples is the use of high quality and very strong laminated carbon fibers which are glued, unlike pre-glued carbon paper which has a higher breaking rate. This quality results in a very low return rate to the factory.

The carbon fiber suppliers Toray and TeijinCarbon (with its Tenax process) recognized worldwide for their expertise, are the two main suppliers of StarVie. As a result, each weave is accompanied by a technical sheet which defines each aspect of the behavior: the capacity of stretching, the return to the original shape after the strike as well as the density. Everything is measured to perfection and down to the smallest detail.

The participation we have in Research, Development and Innovation is one of the factors that sets StarVie apart from the competition.

Our main objectives revolve around a continuous and proactive research of new technologies and new materials, while improving the production process used to manufacture our rackets.

Our palas are a living example of innovation, creativity and technology, We make our passion our work, Explain Jorge Gómez de la Vega

head in the stars

In 2021, each name of the StarVie models is strictly related to terms of science, legends / myths and the universe (like the star in the famous logo).

  • L'Aquila Space is a constellation on the celestial equator. Its Latin name means "eagle" and it represents the bird that carried the wrath of Zeus / Jupiter in Greco-Roman mythology. In Hindu mythology, these are the three most obvious stars in the constellation.
  • The purple star of the racket Drones Galaxy refers to observations of celestial objects corresponding to ultraviolet, that is, electromagnetic radiation. As light is absorbed by the Earth's atmosphere, observations of these wavelengths are therefore made from the upper atmosphere or from space.
  • HD 209458 b, also called Osiris informally, is a planet, the only one known to date orbiting the star HD 209458, located 154 light years from the Sun, in the constellation Pegasus. The Basalt Osiris therefore represents the light waves generated by the star of this name, and Basalt is the most abundant eruptive rock in the earth's crust. Osiris is also a god of the Egyptian pantheon, inventor of agriculture and religion.
  • The classic Metheora has simple graphic elements, but with a metallic gold color reminiscent of molten meteorites entering the atmosphere.
  • About the Raptor by Franco Stupaczuk, it recalls the perfect union of the power and the selflessness of the dinosaur (but the Raptor is also a rocket propulsion system to go into space).
  • La Triton is a moon orbiting Neptune. A mission proposal called Trident (a trident is affixed to the frame of the Triton palas) was made to NASA in order to explore this star with puzzling characteristics.
  • La Titania kepler has multiple origins. The first, Titania, is the largest satellite of Uranus.
    The second, Kepler, is a tribute to the scientist and astronomer Johannes Kepler, (in astronomy, Kepler's laws describe the main properties of the movement of planets around the sun). And finally the Kepler mission, the name given to the space telescope. Its main task was the examination of 150.000 stars located in the constellation Cygnus in search of exoplanets orbiting around them.
  • Finally, the Kraken Pro, inspired by the fantastic creature from medieval Scandinavian legends.

StarVie, a brand of high-end palas, handcrafted, where all the details are studied, analyzed, improved for the good of those who grab them.

Find soon the test of the Raptor and Triton Pro

Fan of padel, Stéphane has become the official tester of the planet padel in Europe. Everything goes through his expert hands. Thanks to his extensive experience in the snowshoeing world, he is able to scan your gear from head to toe!