The recent article on bullets Bullpadel Next Pro inspired me to explore in more depth an often controversial topic in the world of padel : The balls.

In racquet sports, they are often underestimated despite their capital importance. With the exception of badminton, which uses a shuttlecock, squash, ping-pong, pickleball, and (beach) tennis require the use of balls. If the players of padel generally attach great importance to their pala and their shoes, the choice of balls is just as essential for efficiency and pleasure of play. Indeed, they constitute the central element of a friendly game, and this is All the interactions between the players are built around them.

Au padel, benchmarks include durability and pressurization, and they are 99,9% yellow in color. A worn or poor quality ball can negatively alter trajectory, bounce and speed, making the game more difficult and less precise. In addition, neglecting the condition of balls poses risks to player safety, as a poorly hit ball or ball with unpredictable bounce can lead to strains and other muscle injuries. Therefore, taking care of the balls and changing them as soon as necessary is essential for both the quality of the game and the prevention of injuries. Its quality and freshness therefore play a determining role in the prowess and pleasure of players.

Bullets padel : the forgotten innovation?

Le padel has experienced exponential growth in recent years, and this has been accompanied by a multitude of technological innovations, particularly in terms of palas. This meteoric rise has triggered a real race for innovation among manufacturers in order to offer ever more competitive equipment. From cutting-edge manufacturing processes to revolutionary technologies, each company competes in ingenuity to offer ever more efficient models.

If balls constitute the very essence of racquet sports, it is striking to note their limited, almost fixed, evolution over time. Most references available on the market are based on traditional technology, with a rubber structure and synthetic felt. This stagnation may seem surprising given the importance of the ball in the game. However, manufacturers have often favored the stability and reliability of traditional balls, fearing that radical changes would disrupt the balance of the game. Its exploitation is generally provided by the equipment manufacturers themselves, and some confidential brands have specialized solely in its production. They are considered consumables, and although their ecological impact is not ideal, it is imperative to replace them after a few sessions. This necessity arises from the natural wear and tear caused by the intensity of the game and the various climatic requirements, in order to maintain optimal playing conditions.

Select the correct ball padel is an essential step to improve your performance. It is essential to choose a ball that matches your playing style and skill level. Slow balls (little or no pressure) promote control and are suitable for beginners. Live balls (highly pressurized) provide more power and speed, so they are ideal for experienced players. By sticking to a single brand of balls, you can stabilize your feel, refine your game and gain confidence, which will help your progress.

Losing a ball in the middle of the game, the drama!

Furthermore, in our discipline which is mainly practiced in outdoor (at least in the southeast), it is common to lose a ball; this phenomenon commonly called “bowling” is a source of frustration for all players. I think everyone has experienced this disaster (with a common and contained temptation to lynch the main person responsible), and depending on the environment in which you play, the loss of a ball is synonymous with mourning. It is indeed very annoying to see your beautiful new ball swallowed up by weeds or hostile bushes and never to find it again. I therefore appeal to all club leaders padel : equip your outdoor areas with protective nets! It’s a minimal investment for a major environmental and financial impact. It's a win-win solution for everyone: For the players: fewer lost balls, frustration and expenses. For the environment: less plastic pollution. For clubs: satisfied and loyal players.

Because playing with only two balls generates annoyance due to the loss of time caused by their recovery: the interval stretches between each point, the rhythm of the game is broken. Additionally, playing with only two balls causes the remaining balls to wear out more quickly. These are called upon more frequently, leading to faster deterioration and making them less responsive as the game progresses. Thus, a new box of balls will be necessary for the next game, even if unfortunately the two remaining balls will still be in good condition and performing well (their end of life could possibly end up in your favorite teacher's ball basket.)

Does the speed at which balls wear out depend on the level of play?

If the players of padel Intermediates have a solid base of shots, experienced players take the game to a whole new level with a much richer palette, with certain shots requiring significant spin and formidable power. Movements such as serving, cut volleys, viboras and par 3 attempts require significant spin to maximize their effectiveness. Just like full power smashes and par 4 attempts put severe pressure on the ball with every shot. These techniques cause intense friction on the surface of the ball, accelerating its wear, and performance gradually decreases, affecting playability for offensive styles of play. In addition, the existence of particularly marked 3D coatings on certain palas accentuates the grip of the ball, also leading to faster wear. In contrast, intermediate players hit the ball with less power and flatter, which may increase ball durability compared to that seen in slice masters. Playing conditions are also a factor to consider: balls can deteriorate more quickly in extreme temperatures, high humidity, abrasive carpet, or improper storage.

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New balls for every game: dream or reality?

If the idea is attractive to guarantee optimal sensations, the financial aspect can quickly dampen enthusiasm. Most participants, and especially the most competitive ones, nevertheless favor the use of new balls at each match. This option ensures constant responsiveness (highly sought after by offensive players) and guarantees fair and consistent gameplay for everyone. It is therefore important that all balls used during a match have similar characteristics, because by replacing them regularly, we ensure that all players benefit from a uniform level of play. For a cost of around €1 per person, treating yourself to the pleasure of playing with new balls each session is a completely feasible option.

Storing balls after a game: what to do?

If most players simply store used balls in the original tube and leave it in their bag until the next use, a promising alternative presents itself: the ball pressurizer. References like the Pascal Box from Bullpadel revolutionize ball retention and performance for ball players padel.

Problem : The balls lose their pressure, which affects the game.

Solution : Ball pressurizers maintain pressure, extending the life and effectiveness of balls.

Benefits :

  • Pressure retention, faithful and predictable rebound.
  • Savings: Reduced need to purchase new balls.
  • Consistent performance: liveliness and speed maintained.
  • Respect for the environment: reduction of waste and ecological footprint.
  • Simple use: place the balls, seal, pump.
  • Longevity: play up to 6 games without perceptible loss of pressure.

Certainly, the initial cost of around €50 for quality pressurizers may seem intimidating, but the possibility of sharing the expense between several users makes it a financially viable and profitable investment in the long term. The advantages and durability of this product make it a valuable choice for players concerned about their gaming experience and the environment, thus being part of an eco-responsible and sustainable approach.


In conclusion, the balls of padel are much more than just accessories. They are the engine that powers every rally, every shot and every moment of this dynamic and exciting sport. Choosing the right references adapted to your level of play and your preferences is essential to optimize your experience on the court. Whether you are a beginner or a level 9 player, don't forget the crucial importance of these little spheres in your quest for victory and fun on the playing field. padel.

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