Today and exclusively, we present to you the new palas of the Lyonnaise cuvée 2022 company. Discover the Technical, Air and Counter Viper version 2022.

Babolat, who is currently the mark of one of the fittest players in the WPT, the number 1 Juan Lebrón, was one of the first companies to unsheathe its new models for the coming season.

The French firm offers us for this year an unchanged range of rackets still focused on the attack, since the padel 2.0 is evolving and that now, it is the two players of the team who are in charge of leading the offensive.

We are going to talk about 3 models that aficionados know well, because over the past year, they have been acclaimed and endorsed by a majority of athletes in search of thrills.

Technical Viper 2022

Stéphane Penso Babolat Technical Viper 2022

Let's start with TECHNICAL Viper, a real sword in the hands of those who know how to use it, recommended for gladiators who seek torpedoing and deafening with each blow, and equipped to carry out the final blow. To know :

►Diamond mold and head balance

►Carbon construction, reinforced with 12k woven fiber on the sides

► Core with 3 layers of Eva foam of different densities

►Improved control thanks to the distribution and size of the holes

►3D Spin + on the surface which generates a particularly rough feel

►Vibrasorb System technology which reduces the risk of injury

In more detail, the Holes Pattern System is a reworked hole pattern around the “Sweet-spot” of the racquet for a better feeling of power and an improved gain of precision thanks to an optimal rate of penetration in the air.

Le 3D Spin + is a process that incorporates a slight relief on the sieve in order to increase tenfold the effect and the feeling of control.

The integration of Vibrasorb System , Powered by SMAC, reduces vibrations due to carbon stiffness, offering more playing comfort and reducing the risk of injury.

Babolat Technical Viper 2022

This racket features a 100% carbon frame, 12K woven carbon fiber, providing a more powerful response to the strike thanks to some carbon deformation, as well as obvious stiffness that will provide the precision needed to place. the ball wherever you want.

Babolat uses as last year a succession of 3 different EVA layers in its X-Eva foam which will offer you a certain imperialism in the energetic engagements. The two outer layers, more dense, bring explosiveness on the attacks of attack while the inner layer, more flexible, gives more tolerance to the pala. An ideal technology to give more punch and precision to the racket.

The Technical is in terms of mold the least original of the Viper. Flashed at 357 grams, it is in the low average for this kind of gun. Its classic shape and the raw power it develops are comparable to many other racquets in this class. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, as it is a well proven and popular concept, so you know what to expect if you buy this pala.

Weight Babolat Technical Viper 2022

Power and surgical precision are in the spotlight to the delight of players who like to cause chaos and pamper accuracy. This is not a racket for the beginner player as it requires fairly precise strikes to produce decisive results.

The lightning that it provides in smashes and the frenetic enthusiasm of hitting all the balls like an “ox” will make you forget that the padel is a sport where the point is built calmly, where the abuse of power is only necessary to overwhelm the opponent and finalize the point. If you can channel this euphoria, then this pala will be an exceptional model that will offer you the precision of a Swiss watchmaker and monumental power when it comes to concluding.

Bastien Blanqué new Technical Viper Babolat 2022

Bastien Blanqué in Qatar with his new Babolat Technical Viper 2022

What makes <span style="font-family: 'arial black', 'avant garde';">inlingua</span> different

Monstrous power

Astonishing precision

The -

Heavy in mind

Reserved for the elite

Air Viper 2022

Stéphane Penso AIR VIPER babolat 2022

Now let's move on to AIR Viper, and its enigmatic shape and unique design, which makes it unlike any other racket!

The more manic will note the blue and red border surrounding a white central band which recalls the flag of the motherland of the company Babolat.

This hybrid racquet (a mix of diamond and teardrop shapes) has a medium balance and a sweet-spot located on the upper part of the sieve.

The core is the same as that of the Technical Viper, namely the fabulous X-Eva which consists of three different layers. The outer two layers have a higher density to provide credit in the shots where power is needed. The inner layer is softer and supposed to improve comfort by increasing the margin for error on off-center hits and slower hits.

Its 16K carbon fiber surface makes the AIR Viper the toughest of the three new Vipers.

Benefiting from the same technologies as the Technical, it stands out by displaying 342 grams on the scale, unheard of since I have been testing palas.

Weight Babolat Air Viper 2022

In play, it is simply extraordinary to have this racket in hand because the handling is unprecedented, and the icing on the cake, despite its featherweight, the power remains prodigious.

His +



Effect taking

His -

Rigidity (beginner abstain)


Counter Viper 2022

Stéphane Penso Babolat Counter Viper 2022

Last pala to pass through my hands, the COUNTER Viper, a real ufo in the landscape padelistic, with its astonishing shape, its matte finish, and the very flashy color combination.

It is an original racket with astonishing architecture that could shock more than one, but which, once in hand, is a pleasant surprise. A model intended for counter-attackers who want to control the game with patience, then finish the point with power.

The racket is therefore classified in round formats with a fairly high balance and a sweet-spot located slightly above the center, without being really pronounced in the lead.

The on-board technologies are the same as those found on the Technical and the AIR, the difference will be an oversized mold as well as the addition of 3K carbon fiber, making it the softer racquet of the three new Vipers. (and the most dynamic).

I was pleasantly surprised with the Vibrasorb system, which drastically reduces vibrations while increasing comfort. It is the assurance of a lower risk of injury.

With 363 grams on the counter, it is the heaviest model in the VIPER series (over 20 grams more than the AIR)!

This racquet has been developed to provide the necessary tolerance to withstand adverse bludgeoning while having explosive power to finish the point with strength. Pala with a high sweet-spot offering a substantial reserve of power, it will nevertheless not be able to compete with the racquets in diamond format purely focused on attack.

Babolat Counter Viper 2022

Indulgent, comfortable, volcanic, it is a treat to play with this model which is well above average in all technical aspects, and therefore offers a positive result in every compartment of the game. It will delight players who prefer round racquets but don't want to lose too much power.

True Swiss Army Knife, it is a pala that I would recommend for the versatile player with some experience of padel, without noticeable defect, and with a characterized output of the ball, so beneficial either in defense or in attack, that it will be necessary to try it to believe it.

What makes <span style="font-family: 'arial black', 'avant garde';">inlingua</span> different

Colossal bullet exit

Impeccable touch

Sweet (Expanded spot

The -

A bit heavy for a “round” racket


As announced in the preamble, Babolat ultimately only changed the cosmetic, which is evolving from the 2021 models. Personally, I have no problem with that because the 2021 models were just bright and impressive, so why change la ideal combination so quickly?

I find it honest on the part of the French company to have renewed these palas instead of wanting to compete with certain competitors by offering unsuccessful models because of the Covid crisis which has slowed down the entire world industry.

This series VIPER will delight a wide spectrum of players:

  • La Technical for those who want gravity and power at every level.
  • La AIR for those looking for exceptional handling while having excellent power at their disposal.
  • and Counter for those who prefer the exit of the ball and the comfort of a 4 star.

Ligi Vo Pothier babolat counter technical air 2022

The players of the France team Fiona Ligi, Mai Vo and Lucile Pothier have already made their choice!

A positive point to be clarified, the length of the sleeves is what is being done longer at the present time.
And the small negative point, still no fleece strap on these models which are the top of the range of the brand.

Stéphane Penso

Fan of padel, Stéphane has become the official tester of the planet padel in Europe. Everything goes through his expert hands. Thanks to his extensive experience in the snowshoeing world, he is able to scan your gear from head to toe!