Stéphane Penso tests three new palas Black Crown 2022!

Black Crown is a family business that was established in 2011. Work, effort and dedication are the three pillars on which Black Crown has consolidated its image in Spain and in the world of padel.

More than 10 years after its creation, the brand has imposed itself on an increasingly demanding market thanks to a well-defined philosophy and values. It is a company entirely dedicated solely to the products of padel (unlike some multi-sport brands found in tennis and/or squash in particular).

That is why the factory manufactures palas for a wide target group; for the high-level professional player who wants to adapt his racquet exactly to his playing technique, it designs premium racquets with particular attention to price to promote the practice of tennis as much as possible. padel in the best conditions, but also for the enthusiastic hobbyist who needs other features and who likes to come to the field of padel to play with his friends without pressure.

For Black Crown, fun and interaction in sport are paramount, and the racket is therefore a tool that gives confidence and strengthens the game.

Today we are going to detail three racquets with very different behaviors, from the 2022 range aimed at typical players looking for comfort (Hurricane), vibration absorption (AIR+ piton) or the power (Peak 12K+).

Black Crown Hurricane

We find a round-shaped pala with a low/centered balance which is therefore focused on pleasure and ease of use.

Carbon fiber is the main component of its frame, with a 50% carbon double tubular featuring the technology 2TB, which implies a fairly high resistance to shocks.

It is a technology that consists in distributing the forces for greater homogeneity in the strike zone.

Made with foam Super Control White EVA, covered with three layers of high-durability reinforced fiberglass Low Density Piton Glass, a more elastic and flexible material, it will provide excellent ball output and amplified vibration absorption.

This foam helps create excellent ball exit in the defensive position, a combination designed to make the sweet-spot very wide, making it easier to hit from all positions.

At first sight, it is distinguished by its fantastic smooth finish and matt lacquer, with white edges, the famous crown is no longer black but dressed in a decreasing fluorescent yellow stamped in its heart with the Marta Marrero logo.

The XXL handle is always a delight to grasp, as is the padded wrist strap.

Weighing in at 366 grams dry, a fairly high score for a round-shaped pala focused on maneuverability, it will inexorably cause a boost in power (let's not forget that Marta Marrero plays on the left and is a very offensive player).

In game, it's a real saving outbreak that invades you. The sweet-spot is masterful and off-centering the balls will not matter as the real-time correction is indisputable.

The defensive part is his favorite playground, thanks to a very flexible foam coupled with fiberglass for a ball exit without effort or relentlessness.

Regarding smashes, the lack of carbon in the faces will be felt when you want to press the mushroom.

En conclusion

It is a pleasant pala with a perfect balance between maneuverability and power, taking advantage of proven technologies combining an extra flexible core and 3 layers of fiberglass in order to benefit from incomparable hitting comfort and astonishing ball output. It will also stand out for its very attractive price/quality ratio.

To extort more power from this pala, it will be necessary to turn to the Hurricane Pro which has the particularity of having 12K carbon in its faces.

AIR+ piton

For those looking for a comfortable model with great ball output and high performance, Black Crown offers us this Piton Air Plus 2022, a racket specially designed for those who suffer from elbow pain. This pala features an aesthetically sleek design in black with red detailing.

A 359 gram round format racquet with a huge sweet spot and spectacular balance, which gives us total maneuverability.

In the frame, there is a double tubular carbon (50%) 2TB AIR which strengthens the racket and gives us firmness in the shots.

On the faces, we find 4 layers of Piton Glass (house fiberglass): an elastic fiber with a large ball outlet that allows us to have a homogeneous and above all cottony touch with each shot, which makes it a very resistant and allowing excellent absorption of vibrations.

In the core, we find the very famous rubber PSM (Power Soft Memory) White EVA of soft density with great control and unparalleled comfort.

It's a perfect pala for defensive play styles that want absolute comfort with every shot.

This model is particularly recommended for players who have suffered from pain without finding a solution, thanks to technology Have which significantly reduces frame vibration.

AVAIR technology absorbs the vibrations generated after each shot, preventing the onset of fatigue and injuries to the arm, forearm or elbow. The coating is in 3D Spin rough and the sliding wrist strap.

In game, it is a very pleasant pala to play, both for beginners and for experienced players.
Certainly, the raw power is muzzled by a configuration more focused on playing comfort, but players with a certain technique will find in this model a weapon that is also quite powerful.


It is a pala whose main objective is to make you forget the chronic pains of the arm and the shoulder which handicap you and congest you just at the thought of sending caramels.

The AVAIR technology is amazing, the vibrations are almost silent and the desire to let go of your blows takes over the preconceptions.

Of course, the integrated technologies do not make the apology of the big hitters, but the playing comfort provided by this pala is worth the detour, its maximum comfort foam coupled with 4 layers of fiberglass will propel the ball without the slightest effort.

With its affordable price, this Piton Air+ put epicondylitis and other various inflammations in the closet.

Black Crown Attack 12K+

The last pala to put on the grill is one of the most powerful models offered by Black Crown (grabbed by recent FIP ​​Star Cairo winner Raul Marcos).

Indeed, the famous Attack 12K+ is a pala in the shape of a drop of water with an average balance renewed year after year in order to satisfy the most aggressive players.

The beauty is adorned with a fiberglass dress (3 layers) and dressed this time with the famous double tubular frame (80% carbon) 2TBAir which returns to us in 2022 with this famous last tablecloth in 12K Pure Carbon. The perfect mix in order to have the rigidity required in the shots with high weighting.
Her heart is made of gum SuperSoft White EVA with a soft density, in order to have extra comfort and good vibration absorption.

360 grams which will be easily raised thanks to the addition of a protector (see 2 for the most creative).
The cosmetic is exactly the same as that of the Piton AIR+, except for the green which replaces the red and the carbon present on the faces.

Surface 3D Spin™ to hang the viboras without discussion, classic strap to wrap the wrist without dispute, length of the handle in the average and shiny logo on matte surface. In game, it is indisputable that this pala expresses its full potential during the rowdy phases, the blows are incisive, the sound is dry, and there is no room for negotiation.

En conclusion

La Piton Attack 12K+ is a reference that is focused on the offensive, aimed at advanced level players, allowing you to develop your game towards the thrust while maintaining a certain maneuverability.
It is a less comfortable model than the Hurricane and the AIR, with a smaller punto dulce, and it is necessary to center the ball well or risk being immediately sanctioned.

Special thanks French Padel Shop (Julien PES and Manu GARCIA) for allowing me to try these models from Black Crown, an authentic brand that has never disappointed me.

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Stéphane Penso