Although sometimes overlooked, bullets padel play an essential role in the experience and performance of the game. They directly impact speed, rebound, and their trajectories significantly influence the style and sensations of players.

Approved by the FIP

As part of my evaluation of ProLine snowshoes Bullpadel, I had the opportunity to simultaneously test the Next Pro balls from the same manufacturer. These balls, approved by the International Federation of Padel, are designed for players of all levels, but are particularly recommended for experienced players looking for an energetic rebound. They are made with high quality Tech Fiber nylon felt, improving the typing feel and resisting wear. Combining this with the high density Tri-N rubber core results in reduced pressure loss and increased durability.

The Testfakta organization, recognized for its independent expertise on product quality and performance, compared the new Next Pro balls with nine other references from different brands. These tests were carried out by the IBV laboratory, the Instituto de Biomecánica de Valencia, accredited by the International Federation of Padel (FIP) for the commissioned evaluation. To be approved for use in official competition, a ball must meet various requirements set by the FIP, particularly regarding bounce height and hardness. According to Testfakta's assessment, only four of the ten balls tested meet all these requirements, including the Next Pro. The name “PRO” is often used to indicate that something is intended for experts, that is, those who have an advanced level in a given field. This may involve higher quality or increased performance to meet the needs and requirements of certain users. In the case of these balls, the use of “PRO” suggests that they are designed to meet the high standards and expectations of professional players. padel experienced.

A highly pressurized bullet

When the tube of 3 balls is opened, there is a stinging decompression accompanied by a distinctive and energetic sound which always arouses the enthusiasm of the audience, thus testifying to a good hermetic seal. This indicates that the pressure inside the tube is initially higher than atmospheric pressure. Atmospheric pressure plays an important role in the behavior of bullets. padel, which are filled with air or nitrogen under pressure (a full article on this will be available soon).

Not surprisingly, the balls feature a bright yellow tint, and the black printing of the reference Bullpadel Next Pro seems to be of very good quality. The presence of the FIP mention and logo clearly indicates that they have received the approval of the competent authorities. When touching them, they feel little lint, and applying pressure with the palm of the hand reveals their resistance to compression. The first bounces on the carpet confirm that it is a highly pressurized ball, which should delight fairly aggressive left-wing players, of which I am one. Indeed, as soon as the pace intensifies, the shots are unleashed and the heavy artillery is deployed, this reference really makes the distinction.

Intact after 90 minutes

At the end of the first 90-minute period of play, the balls remained intact, with no noticeable signs of wear, although the black ink marks had faded slightly. The next day, at the end of the second session, the bounce was still uniform, the pressurization seemed almost unchanged, the markings had faded slightly, but the color remained bright, which is a positive point. For the third match, two days later, the balls were still quite responsive for the first half hour, but then showed predictable signs of slowing down towards the end of the game, particularly when attempting par 3s. Despite this, we could still play with intensity, and the session ended with muted markings, slightly less vibrant color, and noticeably less dynamic bounce, which may disappoint fans of fast-paced play (but is conceivable after three full sessions).

During the fourth and final scheduled game, the following day, it was obvious from the warm-up that the offensive game would be unsuitable, which was quickly confirmed. The bounce was no longer optimal, due to a conceivable loss of pressure and significant “fluffing”, but the game nevertheless ended with the same balls, necessitating an adjustment towards a playing style less aggressive, since powerful blows no longer had the same effectiveness.

An important point to highlight is the absence of damage to the seams. These are an important element that guarantees sustainability. After a battery of rigorous tests and careful inspection, the seams remained intact, attesting to the manufacturing quality and know-how of Bullpadel. Wanting to get additional opinions, I gave my balls to a group of beginner and intermediate players. They were able to continue using them during four additional games, in conditions that perfectly matched their level and their expectations. Their feedback confirms the durability of Next Pro balls and their perfect adaptability to less advanced level games.

One of the highest performing balls on the market

In summary, the Next Pro stands out as one of the best balls padel the most efficient on the market, highlighting its exceptional performance during three 90-minute gaming sessions with experienced players. Its secret lies in its high-density rubber core, offering both great durability and ultra-homogenous rebound.

They started to lose their liveliness from two thirds of the third session onwards, which is an excellent result, and became less efficient at dynamic games from the fourth onwards. Despite this, Next Pro balls stand out for their exceptional durability and their color that resists fading for a long time. The choice of the number of games therefore depends on the level and expectations of each player.

The Next Pro reference of Bullpadel represents a real success, meeting the expectations of the majority of players, particularly those who favor a lasting and dynamic rebound. By meeting the requirements of the most demanding players, Next Pro balls confirm their place among the major references on the market. This consistent responsiveness with every shot is combined with exceptional longevity, providing an optimal long-term gaming experience.

However, for beginners, these balls may seem unstable and difficult to control during the first thirty minutes of play, but will provide ad hoc comfort thereafter. These players might be tempted to turn to the Next references, slightly less pressurized, for optimal control, and still remarkable durability.


A bullet padel is composed of several elements.

Core : it is made of vulcanized rubber, approximately 4 mm thick. Rubber is responsible for the elasticity and bounce of the ball.

Pressure : the inside of the ball is under pressure. This pressure of around 1 bar is important for the bounce and liveliness of the ball. It also helps maintain the shape of the ball.

Joint : a silicone gasket is placed between the core and the felt. It helps maintain internal pressure and prevents air from escaping.

Felt : felt is made of wool, cotton and synthetic fibers. It covers the ball and gives it its texture and color. The felt is important for grip and ball trajectory.

Stéphane Penso

Fan of padel, Stéphane has become the official tester of the planet padel in Europe. Everything goes through his expert hands. Thanks to his extensive experience in the snowshoeing world, he is able to scan your gear from head to toe!