Black Crown continues to amaze us with the introduction of a brand new model to its catalog, available in two versions: one in 12K with a Black Eva core and one in 24K with a dual-density rubber, called Evolution. The “Patron” references represent a real turning point for the Spanish company, both in terms of their form and their balance. Usually faithful to round formats, with some forays towards the drop of water, Black Crown today opts for a new hybrid architecture, closer to the diamond. This strategic change moves the center of gravity of the racket forward, giving it a resolutely offensive character. This orientation favors raw power, although it sacrifices some handling and accessibility, as we'll see in more detail below.

Black Crown also disrupts the codes with a completely new bridge, radically breaking with previous models. This unique creation abandons the open-heart design to adopt a multi-branched structure with the most beautiful effect. Result: a more stable racket, perfect for counterattacks and powerful shots.

By exploring the etymological origins of this new range, we discover that the word “boss” has a very specific meaning. Who has never shouted on the pitch after an exceptional shot: “And who’s the boss?!” In Spanish, the word “patrón” refers to a figure of authority and leadership. Similar to the French “master” or “chief,” he exercises the power to make decisions, enforce his will, and accept all risks. Characteristics designed for offensive players ready to pounce on the slightest floating ball, and who establish themselves as the true conductors of the orchestra on the pitch.

12K pattern: an aesthetic jewel

This racket undoubtedly stands out as one of the most beautiful of 2024, thanks to its avant-garde design and a captivating combination of colors. Matte black envelops the frame, enhanced by a shimmering charcoal gray, an ideal complementary choice to tone down deep colors. Symbolizing strength and modernity, these two shades are enhanced by vibrant accents of fluorescent green which highlight the contours of the frame and the logo, itself covered in exposed carbon, creating a striking contrast and an undeniable visual impact.

Evolution pattern: a more discreet look

The Patron Evolution model adopts a more minimalist and discreet look, contrasting with the brand's more colorful references. A refined checkerboard of black and terracotta brown adorns the faces, enhanced by a mineral blue which completely fills the logo. The latter, highlighted with a bright red border, highlights the Spanish crown, the emblematic symbol of Black Crown.

A perfect wrist strap

On one of the two sides of these palas there is a small logo (Good Game) which will determine who will serve first.

The length of the handle remains within a standard average, which could be a hindrance for some players. Indeed, modern rackets are part of a trend towards longer handles, for better ergonomics and more homogeneous strikes, thus responding to a concern for optimal comfort and efficiency in certain technical shots. This development is particularly appreciable during kick smashes, hard volleys and two-handed backhands, assets for which the Hurricane model already excelled. Far from being a simple aesthetic detail, the fleece strap embroidered with the name Black Crown brings a luxurious dimension to the racket. Its perfect comfort and fit, even in the most intense gaming moments, make it a real added advantage for the most demanding players.

At the heart of power and comfort: the tubular and the core

These two racquets benefit from a 100% carbon frame, guaranteeing exceptional responsiveness and durability. On the Patron 12K, this feature is perfectly complemented by a Power Soft Memory Black Eva core taken from Piton 12, a rapid recovery memory foam that provides an intermediate and comfortable sensation with each strike. This rubber is wrapped by two layers of reinforced glass fiber Low Density Piton Glass, a fairly elastic and flexible material which guarantees good ball exit, a generous sweet spot and amplified vibration absorption, as well as a final layer of 12K carbon fibers to provide that little extra reactivity.

The 3xply core of the Patron Evolution model is an adaptable foam with several densities that evolves with the intensity of your game, and has been designed to achieve the perfect balance between precision, reception and power. Soft foam provides exceptional comfort and touch, while hard foam delivers explosive power when you need it most. This combination makes the Patron Evolution a very complete racket that excels in all aspects of the game. Two layers of fiberglass and a layer of 24K carbon on the faces ensure high performance on the court, guaranteeing both durability and the resistance necessary to face the challenges of the biggest smashers. In order to combat unwanted vibrations, these palas are equipped with a new technology called Vibrolow.

Two anti-vibrators directly integrated into the frame intercept harmful waves before they reach your arm and tendons, guaranteeing a more comfortable and smooth gaming experience. Still benefiting from SandSpin technology, the screens offer a rough surface which promotes ball grip and provides superior control on shots requiring a lot of spin. On track !

On track !

It was with obvious joy that I began the test, because knowing the DNA of Black Crown strongly oriented towards the offensive, discovering these hybrid rackets with a fairly high balance point suggested that they would express their full potential in intense and high-paced phases of play. The Patron 12K has proven to be a racket with a strong character, delivering remarkable power while maintaining undeniable hitting comfort. In rough play, the ball sinks pleasantly into the foam, providing an incomparable feeling of comfort. This feature also makes it easier to adjust your strikes, offering appreciable room for maneuver. The impact zone being remarkably generous, I was amazed to see how easily off-center shots could achieve obvious precision and impeccable stability.

The Evolution model, on the other hand, is clearly geared towards pure offense. It benefits from the synergy between a reactive core which contracts ever more during robust strikes and a 24K surface, the most advanced on the market. Fusing rigidity and precision, this combination transforms each strike into a fearsome weapon, increasing attack power when necessary. Perfectly balanced towards the racket head, this pala stands as a true spearhead of the catalog Black Crown. The only downside is in defensive scenarios: in fact, these models are not as easily controlled as the Piton, known for their round shape and legendary maneuverability. Although the Patron offers exceptional power on volleys and finishing shots, their overt balance can compromise the rapid arm movements required during intense rallies.


I had the opportunity to test two references designed for assault, equipped with a fairly high balance and optimal technological synergy, which deliver formidable power and superior comfort. Their particularly wide sweet spot constitutes an undeniable advantage for players who tend to off-center their shots or who arrive late on the ball. The new anti-vibration system is a real innovation, far from being a superfluous gadget, and contributes to the excellent performance of these 2 models. I was truly impressed with its effectiveness and can now wholeheartedly endorse its remarkable impact on my arm as well as the growing population of players dealing with tendinitis.

The 12K version is the ideal choice for aggressive players, offering a racquet that combines forgiveness and controlled power. Its Black Eva rubber, although slightly softer than expected, offers exceptional comfort and facilitates efficient ball release.

For those looking for even more power, the Evolution model offers a significant gain without sacrificing overall enjoyment. Thanks to its double density rubber and 24K carbon fiber construction, this racket nevertheless offers incredible tolerance in all phases of play. A real revelation for powerful players looking for an offensive pala with an enormous sweet spot, it will appeal to the indecisive. not wanting to compromise.

These two references, truly designed for an incisive attacking game, nevertheless require certain mastery to be fully exploited. The fairly pronounced balance could confuse many, because they are more physically and technically demanding, which makes them less suitable for beginners or intermediate players. However, for those who have the ability to tame them, the Patron references will become the ideal allies of offensive and combative left-handed players, looking for a racket that is both comfortable and tolerant. Be careful, the end of the chapter Black Crown approach, where I will reveal to you the last two palas that I had the pleasure of testing during long sessions.

Stéphane Penso

Fan of padel, Stéphane has become the official tester of the planet padel in Europe. Everything goes through his expert hands. Thanks to his extensive experience in the snowshoeing world, he is able to scan your gear from head to toe!