Today we conclude the Nox folder with the last two palas of this comparison, the offensive palas that are the ML10 Shotgun and the AT10 Attack 18K.

ML10 Shotgun


The Shotgun is a variant developed once again by Miguel Lamperti as the ML numbers suggest.

It combines a diamond-shaped mold to generate more inertia in the smash with Carbon 12K on the faces, joined once again by the HR3 Core technology so characteristic of all the palas of “Miguelito”, in order to offer you a optimal power with every strike.

The diamond format offers a high balance so that the racquet head is heavier. The frame is made of Nox tubular carbon which has proven itself over time. This material makes the structure more rigid and improves the power in the blows.

On the faces, the rough finish composed of silica sand will help you to give maximum spin for better sensations during each ball strike.

As mentioned above, the core of the Nox ML10 Shotgun is made of HR3 Core technology, a memory foam that gives the racquet greater hitting power.

Attention guaranteed result, because if the Bahia is a hybrid round shape with an average balance, the Shotgun will develop many more watts during powerful shots!

In terms of performance, there is nothing better (in 12K) than this pala for offensive players.

Used by Miguel Lamberti when the conditions call for it, this racquet has all the features needed to put pressure on opponents and finish the point with force.
It obviously benefits from all the technologies that we have detailed in the previous files, and it is an excellent compromise between a Bahia or an AT10 Arena focused on versatility and a Nerbo WPT or AT Genius Attack 18K reserved for alpha males.

AT Genius Attack 18K

NOX surprises us from time to time with new sketches, and this year the Barcelona-based company offers us this model, first cousin of the AT10 Luxury Genius 18K, but with a diamond shape.

All the ingredients are there so that this pala, also designed jointly with Agustín Tapia, is undoubtedly oriented towards the final blow.

For anyone who likes to send chestnuts and reship pots, this AT Genius Attack 18K is the ultimate model that your collection will miss.

The diamond format, the very high balance, the famous HR3 rubber and especially the 18K faces make this pala an essential reference for fiery enthusiasts in search of frenzy. But beware, these associations are not without certain collateral damage! Namely a perfectible maneuverability and a reduced punto-dulce.

But in the hands of the Argentine genius, this kind of jewel hurts a lot! And the opponents of Agustin Tapia paid the price at the recent tournament which took place in Copenhagen. Winner with his partner Sanyo, the Catamarqua Mozart decided to leave his original AT10 in the closet in order to opt for this more aggressive model.

This AT Genius Attack 18K, which Agustin is also using this week in Marbella, is not a racket to put in all hands. Indeed, it takes a high technique to be able to fully exploit it, and intermediate level players will have every interest in referring to other much more tolerant models.

Obviously, the whole clique of characteristics is included in this model, which benefits from all the know-how of Nox in 2022.


In conclusion, I will mix the 3 Nox files to form my trifecta.

I nominate in first position the ML10 Pro Cup Luxury. It has everything to please, it is an extraordinary model that will be unanimous. In summary, I loved this permissive and pleasant pala.

In second position, the ML 10 Bahia is a versatile model, more comfortable than the AT10 Genius Arena, power and ball output in the high average, a great look, it's flawless.

On the third step of the podium, the ML 10 Shotgun is obvious. Modeled on its AT10 and Bahia cousins, it benefits from this diamond shape which will be a big advantage for those looking for that little extra at the end. Less rigorous than a Nerbo, more welcoming than an Attack 18K, it is a reference that is not necessarily on the front of the stage and which deserves the spotlight to linger a little more on it!

Thanks again to Julien and Manu for French Padel Shop for the loan of the palas.

Stéphane Penso

Fan of padel, Stéphane has become the official tester of the planet padel in Europe. Everything goes through his expert hands. Thanks to his extensive experience in the snowshoeing world, he is able to scan your gear from head to toe!