Your land padel equipped with cameras and record the parties: a very interesting solution.

You have a club project padel ? Do you already have one? Are you a gamer and dream of seeing your legendary style on the club screen? Do you want to increase the visibility of your club?

What if you equip your grounds with cameras...

Today there arees adaptable streaming solutions for each track of padel.

There is something for all budgets depending on what you are looking for.

Today, 3 players share the market, each with its own specificities: LiveXperience, NGTV and Sportn'Play.

LiveXperience: new generation capture

LiveXperience is a new generation video capture solution.

Connected to the scorer of the same brand, you offer your players videos with real-time score overlay, available at the club house immediately after the end of the match!

With its “GOPRO” type 4K ACTION SPORT camera, positioned at the back of the field (minimum 50cm back), you film your fields from the start to the end of the game.

Its wide 170 ° angle allows you to have almost no blind spots, and its slightly rising shot offers viewers perfect tracking of high balls in particular.

The videos are available on your dedicated LiveXperience website or in direct integration on your own WEB site!

With the embedding of your logo on the videos, you significantly increase the notoriety of your establishment, and this for a reasonable cost.

Beyond the technological and educational tool it represents, notably through its white label approach, LiveXperience gives pride of place to your establishment and becomes a real communication asset for your center.

Also find videos of your LiveXperience matches on your mobile application Sport managements, in the personal space of each player.

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NGTV: the intelligence of connected sports

Founded in 2016, NGTV today has more than 160 connected sites and references in France, Belgium, Spain and the United States. It is positioned as a specialist in intelligent sports video technologies.

It is following numerous discussions with players and managers that NGTV has built its tailor-made video technology dedicated to Padel.

This unconstrained and intuitive solution has been designed to allow players to take advantage of a maximum of features without impacting their game experience (movie of the match, cutting and sharing tools, automatic summary, live…).

NGTV teams make every effort to ensure the success of your video project, by providing technicians for installation and a maintenance service 7 days a week.

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NGTV EXPERIENCE - Intelligent video at the service of sport

Sportn'play: the newcomer is making noise

Sportn'play technology is THE “à la carte” video solution that can be fully personalized, to meet customers' needs and constraints as closely as possible, while providing them with areas of profitability and development for their activity.

Sportn'play offers many interaction services, including Live Streaming, the simplest and least expensive on the market.

Let the centers Padel broadcast at any time throughout the year and in a few clicks, all of its events, competitions and highlights on its social networks or its website.

Live streaming at Sportn'play is:

- One License cost for “unlimited” use!

- Great ease of use: broadcasts in 3 clicks on several platforms at the same time (Youtube, Facebook, Viméo, etc.)

- Full HD image quality without distortion and videos automatically signed with the customer's logo (high visibility)

- The display of a connected and personalized score on the live streams: you yourself choose the configuration of the match (Number of games, sets and Tie break or Super Tie break)

- Easy integration of Partner or Sponsors text and logos during events

- A video on demand service: immortalize all your broadcasts to review them on your communication media and provide them with quality content

Sportn'play is also LIVE in your ancillary spaces to boost your ancillary products and bring a real sporting atmosphere to your club house, and LIVE directly on the pitches with the score displayed in "full screen" or " La Var ”, with video feedback as on TV for the greatest pleasure of amateur players and spectators.

Relive the last point on the field! For more information, contact us directly on or on social networks.

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Franck Binisti

Franck Binisti discovers the padel at the Club des Pyramides in 2009 in the Paris region. Since padel is part of his life. You often see him touring France going to cover the major events of padel French.