Stupaczuk/Di Nenno and Chingotto/Galan will compete this afternoon for the trophy of P2 of Seville. The Spanish-Argentinian pair will have a psychological advantage over the Superpibes thanks to their victory in Venezuela, during their last confrontation. Return to this match with Padel Intelligence.

Stupaczuk in the hard

On March 29, “Chingalan” won against Franco Stupaczuk and Martin Di Nenno in two sets: 6/4 – 6/3. A match in which “Stupa” did not shine.

Stats Stupa/Di Nenno vs. Galan/Chingotto

The Argentinian was feverish in all aspects of the game, as evidenced by his winning points/unforced errors ratio (15/13). Uninspired on important points (-2,8), he especially experienced difficulties on his return. It's simple: his team only won 12% of the points when he was on the return leg! A gap that Martin Di Nenno, despite his efforts, has not succeeded in filling.

Focus Stupa Di Nenno

Galan and Chingotto, the winning strategy

At the end of a contested first set, Ale Galan and Fede Chingotto began to change tactics. Taking advantage of Stupaczuk's waste, they concentrated their attacks on the left Superpibe. Result: the gap widened significantly, and “Chingalan” took off. The duo was very complementary, each compensating for the weaknesses of the other.

Gap between Stupa/Di Nenno and Galan/Chingotto
Focus on Chingotto and Galan

This victory is therefore logical in view of the statistics, and today's rematch looks promising. Who will lift the cup in Andalusia? Response in a few hours….

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