uPadel.net and Padelmagazine offer today a tactical aspect: The use of the volley in the center.

A general problem at Padel consists of deconstruct the organization of the opponents.

For this several tools are usable and today, I propose you to focus on the use of the center on the fly.

Tactical aspect:

You are in the net and volley a cross ball then chained with a volley in the center but on the side of the opponent who has just defended so as to destabilize without his partner can intervene.

This kind of sequence is not necessarily final but allows to open a breach in the defense, opening areas of the ground which can no longer be defended or even better, that the adversaries attempt a lob while being in difficulty and therefore often too short… What a godsend !!

Technical aspect :

The volley in the ideal center is the one that bounces before the line to come to die on the bottom window.

For this, I recommend a gesture identical to a classic fly but avoiding to lengthen the gesture after the keystroke. The movement must be short and compact ...

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Pierre Lamouré

Pierre Lamouré is one of the technical pillars of Padel Magazine. The founder of Upadel.net, regularly offers you technical and tactical topics around padel. A question ? A demand ? do not hesitate to contact him at pierrelamoure @padelmagazine.fr