Le lob : the shot from defense that it is good to maîtriser. THE players here master le lob are often pacientes in defense. So imagine if you are able to lob en window exit !

Raising the ball in the sky is given to everyone. Lifting it in an indoor club and preventing the ball from hitting the ceiling is already a little riskier. Managing to control your lob in height and depth is an even more technical step, but doing all this coming out of the window...

It may seem very difficult at first glance to play our window exits with a lob, but you will quickly realize that it is not that complicated if everything is done well beforehand.

The most common mistakes

When we start playing padel, to return the balls, to have fun and to let the ball pass on the back glass, automatically and without stress, if we have not taken lessons, we develop bad habits, and that is normal. 

The most common would be to position yourself thinking that the ball will arrive at a specific location. We know that the ball will bounce off the glass and so we move forward while waiting, generally, in front of the line. And what is happening? Very often we have to hit the ball behind us. To play a lob, it’s complicated…

The other mistake would be to only play with the wrist, a bit like a squash player. In this sport, lobs do not exist, so wrist shot = ball that comes out straight. To play a lob, it’s complicated…

Another mistake would be to prepare our pala above waist level. For a high window exit, it's okay, but as soon as the ball stays close to the ground or you want to give yourself time to make the opponents work, it's difficult. To play a lob, it’s complicated…

So what should be done?

Both forehand and backhand, you must first understand that the exits from the windows, in general, are accompanied backwards when the ball goes towards the glass, then forwards after its rebound (with time and experience this movement is less marked). Once this movement is internalized, you will see that you will impact the ball facing the track, and this is positive for mastery, control of your shots and precision in your defense game.

The next step will be to attempt a lob when the ball is easy to play. A belt-high bounce, a central ball that returns to your comfort zone or a slow-speed ball will be perfect for organizing this new tactic.

Finally, as soon as you are in uncomfortable positions, far from your comfort zone or when the balls go too fast, try the high lob which will allow you to reposition yourself.

And what can I try with these lobs?

Tell yourself that playing padel is done including lobs. Some Spaniards say “the padel , it’s lobbing”. So it's up to you to find these crossed zones, along the line, very high balls, lower balls, tense lobs, deep lobs, lobs which force the opponents to make bandejas, in short there are dozens of them, so be creative!

The lob coming out of the window can be scary because if we lack control we can be punished. But if you position yourself correctly and only attempt lobs on balls that are easy to negotiate, you will gradually gain confidence. And what disturbs opponents the most? Players who master their shots. Go!

Published by
Julien Bondia