We told you about it recently, TC Luzien organized a tournament padel over several months, the finals of which will be held this Saturday, August 21.

Over 120 teams, a very large number of matches, a superb atmosphere, this is how we could sum up this Padel Txapelketa # 2 coming to an end.
And the best is yet to come! Come cheer on the finalists who will start from 16 p.m. this Saturday August 21 with an award ceremony scheduled for around 20 p.m.
TC Luzien finals Padel Txapelketa 2021
A big raffle will be organized thanks to the faithful and generous partners. A bar, music and on-site catering for the benefit of the Wolfram syndrome association.
This is a very nice party which is announced on the side of Saint-Jean-de-Luz!
Poster Padel Txapelketa TC Luzien


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