Juan Tello et Fernando Belasteguin (TS1) came out of a match trap facing the very surprising pair Juanlu Esbri / Javi Rico. A game that could very easily have gone against them…

After this forceps victory, Bela and “El Gato” returned to this match on our microphone.

The match summary

Tello: "In the first set, we got into their game a little, especially in the game of Javi Rico who is a little more patient. We were lucky to have Bela's experience. This experience allowed us to guide ourselves a little. This is what allowed us to enter the fight.

Mainly, I think we always believed that we could make the break, that if we had the intensity to make it, we could win the match. I'm happy that we were able to be at this level, that we were able to adapt a little more. The sensations are very good here. To see if tomorrow we will be able to win again."

Bela: "I'm also very happy that we managed to make this match go in our favor. We started playing not being very comfortable. I made mistakes, I didn't play the way I should. But we managed to find our rhythm and were able to seize opportunities. When we had to conclude the second set, I don't think I played very well... but afterwards, we played the game well at 5-4. Afterwards, we were able to enjoy the match better at the start of the third. It affected them a lot because we won 12 consecutive points over the first three games. For us, it freed us a little and it allowed us to try a little more and we were able to maintain this break in advance. In the end, we managed to conclude this match which was very complicated".

Doubts during the match?

Tello: "We never thought we were going to lose in the end..."

Bela: "The day I say that, I will never enter the track again".

The semi-final against Ruiz/Gonzalez

Tello: "Tomorrow's match will be tough, like all the ones we've had so far. It's going to be a very interesting matchup. They have a style of play that is a bit like ours but with the positions reversed. We hope to be up to the task and be able to leave with victory".

Le warning by Juanlu

Bela: "I think that at some point the referees have to understand certain moments of play. Giving a warning for hitting the ball a little hard against the window, that doesn't make sense to me, he didn't disrespect anyone. When you hit the glass with the racket, okay, but for me, there are times when you should be able to put yourself in the player's place who has just run for two hours. If there wasn't really a lack of respect I think we need to be a little more flexible... But hey, the referees learn, and we must do the same.

The clash with the public

White "It's not with the French public but with a man who spoke Spanish like us. He said, at one point in 30A of a game in the first set “shut up” or something like that. When he shouted that, then I looked at him and asked him what was wrong, why he said that, no one said anything. We must not forget that they are coming to see a show, that we are working… We have respect for the public and we want them to have respect for us too. This is why I criticize a lot when I think there is a lack of respect towards us. I will fight every time something like this happens so that it doesn't happen again.. "

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Gwenaelle Souyri

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