Tennis Federation and Padel: Let's go!

Info + about Jean-Pierre Dartevelle

Jean-Pierre Dartevelle is the vice-president of the French Tennis Federation (FFT) in charge of the competition and teams from France. Former pro football player in the 70 years in Sochaux where he played the post of defender, he joined the FFT alongside Jean Gachassin in 2008 before the presidential elections.

Dartevelle French Tennis FederationPadel Magazine - Last weekend there was a very important meeting related to a possible integration of the padel within the French Tennis Federation (FFT). The FFT voted unanimously to integrate the padel into the fold of its structure. The vice-president of the FFT, Jean-Pierre Dartevelle , also in charge of the padel record, has granted us an interview that will certainly remain in the annals and confirms this wonderful news for tennis and padel. The FFT will therefore also represent the padel as is obviously the tennis but also the beach tennis.

Overall, Mr Dartevelle tells us that the FFT is delighted to see this new sport join the Federation. But there is still a long way to go, especially administrative. He explains that there should be a single license (Tennis, Padel, Beach tennis) for the year 2015 / 2016 if all goes well. It will be necessary to wait and obtain all the authorizations of the ministry of the sports to transform the test.
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Franck Binisti

Franck Binisti discovers the padel at the Pyramid Club in 2009 in the Paris region. Since then padel is part of his life. You often see him touring France by going to cover the big French paddle events.


  1. Hello. I have plans to build a gym. The parcel concerned is large enough to receive 3 padel courses not covered. These activities can be complementary. The property taxes on the building of my commune being very high, can you inform me if these taxes are exigible for padel courses?
    Thank you to enlighten me.

  2. Highly the first season of Padel in France !! The work of passionate people, who believe in this sport, will end up paying, I'm sure

  3. How can the padel and tennis federation be merged when the padel court does not exist, see the official journal of the associations and who is entitled to decide this decision for the future of the padel

    1. Hello, the French Padel Federation indicates that a priori it will not resume the different directions that exist in the padel. The padel should integrate the existing TFF structure. Upon obtaining the DSP (Public Service Delegation) by the Ministry of Sports, they will take the necessary steps to integrate and set up the padel in their structure. We can expect a first official year padel in September 2015 ...

  4. Hello, I play padel for over twenty years now, I was president of the first club in the Paris region on the only Padel field in the high seine .... And I hear that things will go on for twenty years now ...
    Are we really at the turning point of this sport, which I practiced not only in Spain but also in South and North America?
    And if so, then how to participate in its development, so that finally we can play padel everywhere in France ...
    Thank you

  5. Already it would be necessary to advertise for the padel because it is known by less than 1% of the French population to see maybe less. When talking about paddle a person he thinks paddle sports with boards on the water. In my previous message I wanted to say of course it should not be that the license is too expensive.

    1. You are right. The day the first padel sports season comes, there will be a lot of com. In any case, com starts now! 🙂 We will try soon to launch an advertising campaign (planned for the month of April / May). But considering the costs, we will make a call for the donation soon to help us to communicate on the padel and increase the influence of the site. Moreover if you have com ideas, do not hesitate to send us an email at
      Have a good day

  6. Finally it's not too early, the FFt could have integrated the padel before because when we see that the beach tennis has very few members is already part I think at least since 2 years and there is more than 4 million padel players in Spain. Now we should not pay an overpriced license. Because already the padel courts are very expensive.

    On the other hand I did not understand at all the sentence we can play padel everywhere good ah?

    1. For many reasons, the FFT did not want to get involved in the padel. But in Italy or Portugal, the tennis federations have taken the padel, in England, the padel seems to develop quickly. And in France, I invite you to read the many reports around the clubs on our site, there is a real craze. If you listen to the end of the interview, the question is put to him ... The Vice-President replied that it is largely a question of timing.

    2. Tournie laurent, check your words before speaking. you only seem to know Padel's numbers for Spain, and for the world, do you have any idea of ​​comparison between the beach and the padel ??

      still a beauf who believes all know

  7. You are not afraid that the FFT does not do anything or manages to not develop the padel so that it does not shade tennis?

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