Spotlight on Padel Soufflenheim Club located in Alsace  who does not have the budget but who has ideas!
Including a genius idea carried at arm's length by a man passionate about padel, Serge Moreau.

Le padel to revive the Soufflenheim club

Like a number of tennis clubs, the situation was not flourishing, with a certain loss of economic momentum, amplified by the recent health crisis. The idea of ​​setting up a section padel then came but the committee had not followed and the municipality did not have the necessary resources.
Serge Moreau, trainer in emotional communication for the sales / hairdressing professions for L'Oréal then applied his own professional slogan: - “Money is not a problem, people are the problem“. With a sponsorship idea that was impossible to apply during the COVID19 period and again another refusal.
The question then arose: - “How to motivate people?“, With empathy as well as human relationships as leitmotifs.

The Business to Business (B2B) sponsor as a sponsorship solution!

The Business model was as follows: 500 € / year over 4 years to obtain in return (2 licenses / year with a value of 300 €) for the company that would invest in the project of padel in the club against a billboard + the organization of tournaments between sponsors.
A brilliant idea that worked immediately!
€ 50 were needed to incorporate the padel at the Soufflenheim Club: the addition of 45 new members was made possible thanks to this B2B sponsorship system and the project finalized in a short time.

A strong enthusiasm for tennis Padel Club Soufflenheim!

While being the only club in the north of Alsace thanks to this innovative initiative, the club benefited from a real media exposure, to such an extent that a 2nd court of padel is being studied and that other clubs have been able to hear about the success of this project thanks to this great sponsorship initiative.
A wall INSTAGRAM will be incorporated into the Club House so that players can take pictures of themselves and post them on Social Networks, with humorous slogans and many other ideas from this fan of Padel Magazine who will have done well not to give up!

Tennis Padel Soufflenheim Club

The club benefits from:
  • 2 outdoor tennis courts
  • 1 indoor tennis court
  • 1 club house of 150 m² and an equipped kitchen.
  • Petanque
  • Unlimited parking time
  • A green space
  • A superb fitness trail nearby
  • And by the end of May, the famous land of padel !
The Club is open every day between 7 a.m. and 22 p.m.
Source and photo source: Padel Club Soufflenheim.
Sylvain Barnett

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