Broken glass on the ground padel outside of Ploaré: the municipality of Douarnenez lodged a complaint following this voluntary damage.

A Gendarmerie investigation is currently underway to find the culprits.

All appalled at this gruesome situation

André Guillemot, sports assistant for the city, does not hide his dismay, faced with this kind of completely free acts of deterioration:

“We found out on Saturday. This happened between Friday evening and Saturday morning and the agents were notified last weekend… ”, 
“… It is a whole pane that has been broken, a Safety pane, quite thick”.

Bay tennis club - padel vandalized - Ploaré in Douarmenez in Brittany

The Mayor and the President of the tennis club on the same line

The Mayor of Douarnenez, Jocelyne Poitevin - in Brittany - affirms:
“It saddens me to see brand new equipment vandalized… It's break for break”.

Same story with Jérémie Mocquard, president of the Bay tennis club:

“What hurts the heart is that if it is reclassified, we will be obliged, in agreement with the City, to put cameras to be able to monitor the space. And everyone will be the loser ”.

Facts that no one understands and which literally spoil all the energy and efforts of people of good will around this land of padel Breton.

Source and photo credit: West France

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