Dunlop offers us a racket quite similar to the famous racket of Patty Llagano (one of the best players in padel world) Dunlop Heaven but a little softer hence its name: Heaven Extreme Soft

It is a fairly homogeneous racket by its balance and its weight. Despite a lighter weight than the classic Heaven, it is still nervous on the wrist. His form helps him. This racket is of a "lagrima" (tearful) form and therefore has a rather offensive program, but compensated by a modest weight and soft materials used (for the rubber).

For all levels

If this racket is mainly for good paddle players, intermediate players will appreciate this racquet much more tolerant than his big sister. Despite her weight in mind, she remains well balanced. It is advisable for paddle players of a small size to play with this racket rather than with the classic Heaven. This is a risk-free insurance.


The Dunlop Heaven Extreme Soft uses all the best technologies of the brand including:

Its POWER CHANNEL system, accentuates the rigidity of the racket. Direct consequence: It's a racket that will answer any of your complaints. It seems to have the defect of its qualities, since in hand this racket that we feel good remains tolerant, but less than other racquets lighter and especially softer / more flexible than the Heaven.

Its TRI-BAR technology, located in the center of the racket between the sieve and the handle, seems to provide better comfort.

Its VIBRO PROD system is really an interesting and effective technology. Much more than others in any case. 5 capsules or tips of erasers are integrated in the racket at the level of the profile of the sieve. Conclusion: The racket gains flexibility and absorbs a good part of the bullet impacts.

Its weight is 350-365 gr.

What are the players saying?

The racket has been tested by many players.

Raymond Reculard / Intermediate Level
Good balance. But for me a little too light.

Julie Soizeau / Beginner level - intermediate
It's a racket that perfectly matches my profile and my game. Light in hand, this racket seems to me the ideal tool to play with a light racket but keeps a certain tone.

Valérie hadjadj / Beginner level - intermediate
Lack of punch even if it surprises with its almost perfect balance.

Franck Binisti

Franck Binisti discovers the padel at the Pyramid Club in 2009 in the Paris region. Since then padel is part of his life. You often see him touring France by going to cover the big French paddle events.