Cartri not only offers very high-end rackets but also high-quality textiles for man, woman and child, at very affordable prices.

We told you about it recently, long before embarking on padel, Cartri was already making high-end sports socks. With these years of expertise in textiles, the brand offers clothing and socks specially designed for padel practice, at very affordable prices.

For men

T-shirts, polo shirts and shorts in soft and breathable technical material, as well as sweatshirts and jogging pants, Cartri offers clothes to evolve on and off the slopes. There is something for all tastes: little anthology.

Without forgetting the collection of the Brazilian padel team!

For women

Women too are served, notably with a new CoCoSublime Made in Spain collection. Dresses, skirts, tops, but also shorts, joggers, and even leggings, again there is everything you need!


Recognized sock brand, Cartri obviously offers all types of socks for men, women, and also for children. Whether you like them, high, low, black, white, or colored, there is bound to be a pair for you!


Cartri sponsors many children across Spain, so many of the models in the adult collection are also available in child sizes, so you can have the same outfit as your little ones!

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