After Ile de France, it is the turn of the Pays de la Loire to embark on the TFP adventure.

As a reminder, the Professional Purpose Title aims, as its name suggests, to professionalize anyone wishing to teach padel against payment.

While in the Paris region it is time for the second session, the FFT has just announced that a first act will see the light of day at the start of the 2022 school year.

The objectives of this beautiful training

The objective of this training is obviously to accompany future instructors of padel in their learning and thus offer them all the keys to becoming excellent coaches. Applicants should know:

  • Animate and implement development actions for their structure
  • Supervise everyone, safely, in group and individual lessons
  • Ensure, in safety, the training of the competitors of the club
  • Prepared trades or targeted jobs
  • Supervise courses of padel at all levels, in any structure, and with all types of audience.

Access conditions

  • Hold a level 1 (PSC1) training certificate in Prevention and Civic Relief at the start of training
  • Be an FFT licensee when registering for training
  • Be able to justify at the start of training a level of play equivalent to that of players in the first third of the federal classification. 
  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Be able to attest to one's physical ability to teach padel (medical certificate of non-contraindication to the practice and supervision of padel less than a year old)

Training methods

The training course respects the principle of alternation under pedagogical tutoring:

  • In apprenticeship: 240h in a training center and 638h in a reception structure
  • Excluding apprenticeship: 240h in a training center and 100h minimum in a reception structure

Place of training: Regional Center of Tennis Vertou. Some training days may be relocated to clubs/structures padel of the territory.

The cost of this training is 4 Euros, adding to that 491 Euros of administration fees.

The selection tests will take place on Thursday, October 6, 2022 at the Center Régional de Tennis Vertou.

For more information it's happening right here

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