Le Padel is a two-on-two sport, so communication between teammates is essential. Indeed, if the two players are very good individually, but do not get along on the field, they will lose their matches, and these players will end up tense at the end of their various games.

  1. Do not be distracted while your partner engages the point.

There is nothing more annoying for your partner that you are not focused when he goes to engage. You have to look at the opponents in front of you and be ready to receive the ball on the return.

We just remind you that you are on a short Padel, by playing a match (competitive or not), so a little discipline for your partner.

  1. Be patient.

Don't start playing if your partner isn't ready. It will be embarrassing for him to see that you do not wait for him before serving. Be patient !

  1. Help your teammate.

When your partner is ready to throw, and he has no ball, go get him a ball. padel. Send the ball to him through the air. Your teammate doesn't deserve to receive a ball that you casually pass with your foot. Be united!

  1. Communication.

Communication for a pair is most important in Padel. Indeed, when your partner will have to make an exit, he will be very grateful that you tell him where the opponents are (at the net, at the back, in the middle, etc.) and especially if he has to leave for example. You must communicate to Padel without it appearing inappropriate.

  1. Speak without being heavy.

Talking with your partner about strategy is vital to success in a game. On the other hand, it is not necessary to go to see his partner to perfect his technique of striking when he has just finished a point.

  1. Rigor is essential Padel.

It can be interesting from time to time to "nag" and send pots to try to finish the point quickly. However, this should not become a habit. You have to respect the continuity of the game, your partner will thank you for that.

  1. Trust in yourself.

There is nothing worse for a partner than to see his teammate lose his self-confidence, that he loses the rage to win, the "grinta".

Keep your head up, and be determined in your goal to win the game.

  1. Do not say: "no fault".

This is the most common mistake in communicating teams on a field of Padel. In fact, when you come to your teammate and say: " No fault on the next points! ". The next point comes up, and he misses it. How do you think your partner will react? A little consistency!

  1. Bring shorts with pockets!

It may sound silly to remember it, but there are always some on the courts of Padel who plays without pocket shorts. And there is nothing more hopeless for a player to always have to bring a ball to his teammate, because he has no pocket.

  1. Respect the material!

There are many reasons to let off steam on your racquet Padel following a lost point. But hitting the ground or the walls with your racquet is not tolerable. It does nothing and the team will not be further ahead to win the match.

And finally respect the land of padel of your club. A racket on the bay windows never does good.

  1. Respect the opponents.

Rooming is common in French sports, but it must not exceed a certain limit. If you go too far, your opponent may be in a good mood and win the match as you lead 🙂

  1. Help your partner in difficult times.

Your partner and you form a pair. If any of you miss a ball (even if it was unmissable), do not criticize it.

By following this principle your team will be better off.

  1. Respect for spaces

There is nothing more compelling for a right-winger to see his partner on the left take all the balls that come from his side (and vice versa, but rarer). It is necessary to get along in the team, but generally the left-hand player keeps his side plus the middle (as he is on forehand) and the player on the right the rest.

  1. Always have a positive attitude.

Attitude is fundamental in the Padel. Even if you lose 6-0 / 5-0, don't give up. The only thing you need to do is positively contaminate your partner's mind to re-motivate them. He'll be grateful to you later!

  1. Do not talk during the match.

Communication between team members is essential, but you must not discuss all the time during the match. you risk becoming distracted.

  1. Arrive on time.

You have reserved a short to play (often 1h30). So, always plan to arrive 10-15 minutes early to change and / or pay for your game to start on time.

If you must arrive late, tell your teammate, do your best to arrive as soon as possible (while respecting the Highway Code in particular) but do not cancel!

  1. Know the score.

Isn't it hopeless to have a partner constantly asking you what the score is? If you ask this question regularly, your partner will think that you are thinking of something other than the game. Think about your teammate and follow the score!

  1. Do not be stingy on the balls.

Between playing with worn balls (more than 4 matches) and new balls there is no picture. Do not be the stingy who always has excuses to never bring new balls (and conversely that it is not always the same who takes some).

  1. Give freedom of play to your partner.

Of course, you must admit that you must give him some indication of the position of the opponents, but you must give him the freedom to choose the move he wishes to execute.

  1. Never miss the snack!

After part of Padel, do not forget to have a drink (beer, in moderation, Coca-Cola, Orangina, etc.) with your partner and with your opponents. This is the most important and that is why we play for the vast majority in Padel.

Franck Binisti

Franck Binisti discovers the padel at the Club des Pyramides in 2009 in the Paris region. Since padel is part of his life. You often see him touring France going to cover the major events of padel French.