Mapi and Majo Alayeto twins have finished testing Nox racket prototypes Padel and have chosen their signature models for the year 2021.

We told you recently, the twins Majo and Mapi Alayeto, just like Miguel Lamperti, were testing prototype snowshoes for 2021. Indeed, the two Spaniards, who signed with Nox Padel this winter, still do not have signature snowshoes.

In view of the photo, Nice seems to have chosen a racket very similar to the Luxury L6 Power she currently uses: same diamond shape, same bridge. On the other hand, the foam is black : perhaps the famous Black HR3 found on ML 10 Pro Cup Survivor and which has the distinction of being a little denser than the white HR3?

Nox Padel Alayeto prototypes

For Mapi, which is currently evolving with the AT 10 Genius, it is still a racket with a rather rounded shape, with a bridge similar to that of his sister's racket. The foam is white so we imagine that it is the classic HR3 gum. A new version of the Luxury L6 Control ?

You will have to wait a while before having your questions answered. In the meantime, you can always find your happiness in the current Nox range !

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