Au padelSpiking or returning a ball backhand after a bounce off the wall is not so obvious since the objective will be at least to push back the opponents who are at the net.


You are on the fly and receive a lob directed towards your backhand. You have the opportunity to lob but also to attack ...... ..


Three possibilities are available to you:

  • the parallel smash
  • the smash in the center
  • the very crossed smash

The first two will surprise your opponents with the ball speed while for the last, it is the precision of the stroke that will make the difference.

Some recommendations:

  • Use the hunted steps to stay in profile and adjust your position
  • The tip of the feet gives the direction in which the ball will go,
  • So close the supports if you want to play parallel
  • Open them a little to play in the center
  • Open them a lot more to play very cross

Good training and very quickly,

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