Kristina Clément, Coach of the Monegasque Federation of padel, technical consultant Padel Magazine, several times member of the French team of padel, and NOX ambassador.

La bandeja also called "Smash Plateau" is a specific and emblematic move of the padel which does not exist in tennis. Yet it is the most used shot during a match. padel.

The origin of the bandeja

Tactically, this shot was created, originally, to allow players on the fly, to keep the net on a lob high and deep, impossible to finish with a classic smash, while protecting against a counterattack opponents during the ascent to the net, thanks to the return of a long ball, low in the feet with little power.

« Bandeja Literally means "tray" which is used in bars to carry drinks. This name refers to the preparation of the racket with the head open like a plateau at the height of the player's head on the side.

La Bandeja : The most used shot in padel

La bandeja is classified in the category of the smash or blow played over the head when one is positioned at the net whereas technically it is more akin to a very sliced ​​high volley. For the stats, out of 10 smashes played, 8 are bandejas ...

La Bandeja : A technical blow

Technically, unlike the tennis smash, where we will hit the ball arm extended over the head at noon and flat, the preparation and the strike will take place on the side at the height of the head (at 3hours) with a racket head fairly open, positioned in the form of a plateau, elbow detached from the body in height and folded arm.

It is important during the preparation to put in profile then to adjust its position in relation to the ball / lob to always be able to hit the ball at head height (and not higher) + move forward when hitting towards the net (very important!).

When hitting the side, the player will extend their arm and send their racquet head forward while applying an up and down motion to slice the ball. You have to avoid trying to hit the ball too hard, to stay in contact with it as long as possible and to be able to “scratch” the ball downwards. During the strike, the player, being well in profile, will use the rotation of the shoulders (for a right-handed person, pass the right shoulder behind forwards) to accentuate the acceleration of the arm forward.

Accompanying the head of the racket forward to complete the gesture, it will get a very deep ball, ideally in the feet of the opponent if you play diagonally.

In terms of playing area, the bandeja is usually played diagonally (either towards the side wall or towards the feet) or in the center. It is also possible to play this long line shot but with the risks that this entails (the ball can directly hit the side wall).

A true player of padel must have the bandeja in its panoply of moves, very used and effective… up to you!

Kristina Clément
Kristina Clément

Kristina Clément discovers the padel in July 2006 in his club in Cagnes-sur-Mer. Two years later, she played her world debut of padel… Who could believe it? Technician, tactician, Kristina offers you always detailed news.