The holidays are getting closer, temperatures are rising: no doubt, summer is coming with a bang. You want to work on your viboras and your bandejas with a brand new racket? Take advantage of the best offers from our partner sites !

Nox AT10 Genius 18K Alum 2024

The creation co-developed with Agustin Tapia is back with an optimized edition. This pala still stands out for its hybrid design, halfway between the round shape and the drop of water. A particularity which gives it unique versatility, allowing both aggressive play at the net and precise control in defense. Its striking surface in 18K aluminized carbon fiber, a new feature, ensures increased resistance to temperature changes. It is for sale on Padel XP for €263,90.

Wilson Bela Pro V2

Wilson Bela Pro V2 2023

It was one of the most anticipated rackets of 2023. Featuring a sleek design and flamboyant red, this pala pays homage to the legend Fernando Belasteguin in the most beautiful way. With its head weight, its offensive format and its rigid foam, it is perfect for the most aggressive attackers. It also comes with a personalized removable wrist strap, which allows you to change the type and color of your bracelet. It is available on Total Padel at 219,90 €.

Siux Genesis II Hybrid 12K 2023

Siux Genesis II Hybrid 12K 2023

La Siux Genesis II is intended for advanced players looking for power and aggressiveness in attack. In addition to its diamond shape and Ultra Soft EVA foam, Lucho Capra's pala also has AVS (Anti Vibration System) technology which minimizes shock and protects the player's joints, thus reducing the risk of injury. It also includes a sandblasted and textured finish which will delight those who like to strike with effect. It is on sale for €109,90 on French Padel Shop.

Babolat Air Veron 2023

Babolat AIR Veron 2023

If you're looking for a racket with an original design and plenty of punch, you've come to the right place. Light (355 g) and handy, the Babolat Air Veron 2023 speaks to players who are fast and skilled in their movements. It is made of a mixture of fiberglass and carbon, for better tolerance, and 3D Spin technology, for better grip with the ball. Its teardrop-shaped head and its median weight balance also ensure real versatility. It can be found exclusively on the national website ofMind Padel Shop (€139,90).

Black Crown Pattern Evolution

The latest invention from the Spanish firm is oriented towards pure offensive. It benefits from the synergy between a reactive core which contracts ever more during robust strikes and a 24K surface, the most advanced on the market. Note also the presence of the 3xply core, a foam adaptable to several densities designed to achieve the perfect balance between precision, reception and power. Add to that a refined look and you have a little gem that you can get for €235,90 on Racket Padel.

Kuikma Hybrid Metal

The new Metal range from Kuikma is distinguished by a striking strike quality, ideal for practitioners looking for flexibility. It offers a unique gaming experience thanks to the Metal Biaxial Core, which combines a braided metal mesh with three layers of fiberglass for maximum comfort and a masterful sweet spot. Its weight of 365 g, its neutral balance and its soft EVA foam guarantee optimal ball release. It can be discovered on Dé at the price of €110.

Bullpadel Vertex 04 Hybrid 2024

With the Vertex 04, Bullpadel reached its peak in terms of popularity and sales, notably thanks to its icon Juan Tello. This variant incorporates precisely the same technological advances as the classic version, but is distinguished by a lower balance and a rounder shape. This 2024 version retains its striking power, while being more resistant with its CURVAKTIV system. This is a model not to be missed at Padel Reference (€254,90).

Head Speed-Motion

Head SpeedMotion 2023

Benefiting from the same characteristics as the Speed ​​Pro, with a few differences, the Speed ​​Motion is the lightest model in the range. It is therefore a preferred reference for those looking for maneuverability and a racket that is even more comfortable and manageable than the Pro. It also benefits from the carbon / fiberglass combo on its faces: it goes very hard, but with enough softness. Visit Extreme Padel (129,90 €).

Nox ML10 Bahia 12K Luxury 2024

This pala from the Miguel Lamperti range is in the shape of a drop of water, for even more versatility. Unlike the ML10 Pro Cup, this racket was designed with 12K carbon fiber, making it a little stiffer and more durable. The handle has also been designed to experience as little vibration as possible. So, will you fall for its power and colorful style? Answer on Extreme Padel against a price of €216,80.

Babolat Air Veron 2024

After the 2023 model previously seen, we are back with Babolat. Lightweight and incredibly docile, this teardrop-shaped Air Veron offers a unique playing experience. Its generous sweet spot and admirable ball release always allow reassuring and contained shots. This pala will give you the ability to chain blows with flexibility and speed, especially if you are looking to improve your skills. Available at 191,90 € on Padel References.

Kuikma Hybrid Carbon

The Hybrid version of the Carbon range ingeniously combines the advantages of the other two models in the range (Control and Power) to offer a racket that is as versatile as possible. Its teardrop shape gives it undeniable versatility, combining power and maneuverability. Its slightly leading balance provides dry, clear and precise strikes. You can get it at Decathlon for €130.

Wilson Bela Pro 2.5

Unveiled a few months ago by “Bela”, this elegant pala includes processes that make it powerful, precise and responsive. Its frame is made of Primero Carbon and Firm EVA foam, which makes it very comfortable in all offensive phases. This is a real weapon for the most advanced players who want to achieve a high level of performance. If you want to treat yourself, head to Snowshoeing Padel (239,95 €).

Head XT Radial

Head XT Radial

Finally a racket that is aimed at intermediate players! Significantly less expensive than the other models offered (€69,90), the XT Radial focuses on comfort. The round shape and the weight of 365g will allow you to be comfortable both in attack and defense. Its blue color and its other little extras like its graphene frame define it as a safe, handy and aesthetic pala. It's a opportunity to seize on Esprit Padel Shop.

Nox Equation Advanced 2024

Recognized as one of the best rackets on the market by the Swedish firm Testfakta, this pala offers exceptional performance for its price category. With fiberglass faces, it offers remarkable ball release, complemented by the famous HR3 rubber, a Nox reference for many years. Its increased robustness is also a big advantage. This racket for players who are just starting out in the activity can be discovered on French Padel Shop at €129,90.

Babolat Technical Veron Juan Lebron 2024

Babolat Technical Veron Juan Lebron 2024

With its 3D Spin+ finish and its X-EVA core, this creation is like the Andalusian: powerful and spectacular. Less rigid than the Viper of the same name, it is aimed at players who want to shine in attack without sacrificing typing comfort. Its drilling plan and the size of its holes are perfectly adapted to its diamond shape, which optimizes the quality of play in the offensive phases. Added to this is a sophisticated design inspired by “El Lobo”. Meeting on Total Padel (207,90 €).

Head Speed ​​Pro

Famous for its neutral balance and extreme versatility, this stunning 370g gray pala serves as an excellent all-purpose item. It has all the technologies that make the Austrian brand famous: Power Foam, Auxetic innovation and the graphene, fiberglass and carbon fiber mixture. The latter adds rigidity and resistance to the racket to gain precision, power and durability. If you want to buy it, direction Padel XP for a price set at €159,90.

It was through his father that Auxence discovered the padel, one evening in June 2018. Today, he passionately follows the international circuit and teases the pala in his training club, Toulouse Padel Club. You can also find it on La Feuille de Match and, two specialist media on Toulouse Football Club.