In this period of confinement, we are all in need of padel and in particular of World Padel Tour. Back to the 2019 Cascais tournament.

The 2019 Cascais tournament first delivered a quarter-final over two days between Navarro / Lebron and Bela / Tapia. The Argentines who had won the first set 6/2 on Friday evening, in special conditions, outdoors with lots of humidity, a little rain, had to come back in the morning to compete in a tie-break that they ended up winning 9/7 after saving two set balls. A very intense match which had even given rise to a little confusion at the end of the match.

In the semi-finals, Bela and Tapia were completely smothered by an extremely solid Lima / Galan 6/1 6/2 pair.

In the final, Ale Galan, MVP, was impressive, as in the semi-final. It did not take less to get rid of the Chingotto / Tello pair. Final victory 6/4 6/4 of the Lima / Galan pair.

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