There was a time when the padel was a very confidential sport, with relatively few fans, players who could be approached very easily, but things seem to be changing...

Indeed, the padel becomes an increasingly popular sport, it is broadcast on television in many countries, generates more and more money, and this is obviously a very good thing for all those who appreciate this activity and dream of seeing it compete with the major sports. But naturally, this development comes with less appreciable changes for fans.

We saw him twice in the space of a week: first the best pairs of padel worldwide have decided to ignore Betclic Premier Padel Bordeaux P2, then the best Spaniards chose not to participate in the 2024 European Championships.

Now well known (some exceed half a million followers on Instagram) and well paid, with according to our sources juicy contracts with certain companies, the very best players of padel of the globe no longer really need the exposure of a European Championship or the prize money of a P2. They prefer to treat themselves to a week before a Major to spend time with sponsors, rest, train or participate in events which can be more lucrative and less restrictive than a tournament...

This is a fairly obvious observation, we are witnessing a bit of a kind of starification among the best players of padel of the world. And this is certainly only the beginning: the more padel becomes popular, the more players will need to live in a sort of bubble to perform at the highest level, a bit like football or tennis stars. It's a bit regrettable for the fans who liked to benefit from this proximity with the champions but it is a logical phenomenon and as we have seen recently, the players are more and more trained and competitive, and the spectacle is not is even better. Another important point, to be able to be at the Olympic Games one day, the padel must increase its popularity worldwide, and this is partly achieved through strong personalities, who make people dream and make them want to get involved in the activity!

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