For some time now, we have seen that the padel attracts more and more celebrities which allows to increase even more the visibility of our favorite sport.

The music group Boulevard des Airs has just confirmed this trend by joining the Padel Business LeagueThe 1er championship padel 100% dedicated to professionals !

Authors, composers, performers and now producers, the quartet with multiple musical talents is also fond of sports fields and more particularly of padel, as soon as their agenda allows.

Florent Dasque, the “padel addict ”

Florent Dasque the guitarist of the group and real " padel addict ”explains how the adventure padel started and what motivated him to register his team at the stage of Padel Factory in Lescar (64):

“Often on tour between two concerts we like - cut - with various physical activities, in order to get out of the frame and recharge the batteries. We discovered the padel in a large indoor activity center, a bit by chance. Halfway between tennis and squash, with a racquet that is much less difficult to master, the padel very quickly becomes pleasant to play after a short adjustment period.

This sport corresponds exactly to what we were looking for in our “off” times: a convivial, fun and ideal moment for novices of racquet sports.

During the zenith tour in the big cities, we immediately looked for the centers of padel in order to exchange a few balls and start the legs before the evening concerts.

For the “former athletes” that we are, we immediately jumped at the opportunity to participate in this new human and sporting challenge, the Padel Business League! We have a fairly heterogeneous team in terms of level, but the main objective is to have a good time to strengthen the bonds of the group and also to meet new playing partners.

florent dasque eyal boulevard des airs business league

Music and restaurant: a very padel...

But that's not all ! The new brand ambassador Wilson and his brother Jean-Noël also registered a 2rd team in the competition: a very trendy restaurant in Tarbes, "Chez Marcel", in which they are associated.

“Behind Chez Marcel hides an association of sports lovers. From the local to the international level (editor's note: basketball player Céline Dumerc and downhill ski champion Bastien Montès are also part of the partners), the whole team vibrates when we discuss the subject. Taking part in a competition together seemed like a no-brainer ...

Former players of good level in tennis for some, the padel came quickly enough to fill our schedules. First games, first stages & more recently tournaments… We are literally caught up in the phenomenon padel.
Very happy at the idea of ​​sharing a sporting break with people from very diverse backgrounds in order to represent the restaurant, hoping (a little secretly) to see the storefront of Esprit up close. Padel... (editor's note: Spirit Padel will be the club that will host the Masters)

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Franck Binisti

Franck Binisti discovers the padel at the Club des Pyramides in 2009 in the Paris region. Since padel is part of his life. You often see him touring France going to cover the major events of padel French.