Player of the French padel team Adrien Maigret, 2nd in the FFT ranking and 137th in the World Padel Tour, lent himself to the game of the offset interview.

You all know the friendly Adrien Maigret, one of the best French padel players. The new muse Wilson is not only a big fan of beautiful games, but also of video games. Here is his interview, from tick to tick.

Padel or tennis?paddle

Bigmac or Whooper? McChicken!

PSG or OM? PSG obviously

XBOX, PlayStation or Nintendo? Nintendo but I still have all the consoles!

French champion of Padel or European champion with France? European champion

Beyoncé or Rihanna? Neither of the two !

Vibora or Bandeja? Viper

Game of Thrones or Walking Dead? GOT

Lebron or Jordan? Jordan

Beach or Mountain ? Beach

Pain au chocolat or chocolatine? Chocolate bread

Win a P2000 or draw on the WPT?Already done both 😉 We will say WPT table, qualifying!


Jean Dujardin or Omar Sy? Jean Dujardin

Raclette or Tartiflette? Raclette

Par 3 or retro amortized? Damped retro door

Mbappé or Zidane? Zidane

Physical preparation or video games? A physical training. No, I'm messing around, video games! 🙂

Evening with friends or an evening with your wife? I'm going to do the duck: with my wife of course!

Zelda or Mario Kart? This is hard! We're going to say Zelda in solo, and Mario Kart in multiplayer

Bela or Federer? Federer

Number 1 French or top 100 WPT? Top 100 WPT! Number 1 French already done 😉

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