Marbella will be the epicenter of padel European and global in this month of June. The city, which hosts the next WPT Master and the European Championships at the end of the month, has everything planned with 20 tracks installed in the exhibition center (Fairground) from the city !

The qualifying European championships for the worlds will take place du June 28 to July 4 and will welcome around 400 players from 16 European selections.

Let us recall that the FIP will have to carry out for the first time in its history of the qualifications to select the 16 countries which will take part in the final stages. Indeed, today she counts 18 registered nations. 

The European Championships return to Spain after 14 years of absence. A return to the cradle of padel European. On this subject, Ramon Morcillo, president of the FEP, assured to be “Very satisfied that Marbella has been designated, because it is the city where this sport was born and we can say that the padel come home".

World padel Tour Marbella 2019

And we can say that the city has not done things by halves. The Marbella Exhibition Center, which also hosts the next stage of the WPT which begins this Sunday, will be equipped with 20 tracks of padel for the occasion !

All the matches of the European Championship can therefore take place in the same place. ! Very good news for players and spectators. We imagine that this was a big advantage over competing cities to obtain the organization of the championships.

The information was confirmed by our colleagues from the local media: Marbella 24 Horas.

Alexis Dutour

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