This magnificent tournament of Valladolid, 7e race of the professional circuit yesterday offered us a sad news with the injury of Franco Stupaczuk. 

Stupa and Mati Diaz were opposed to the strong Bergamini / Campagnolo team when Stupa had to retire due to injury to 6 / 7 0 / 3. 

The favorites are all at the appointment. Maxi Sanchez / Sanyo and Paquito / Lebron continue their stroll by winning serenely in 2 sets. 

Chingotto / Tello who came out of a dantesque match against Germani / Silingo have recovered well and are doing in 2 sets against Moreno / Rubio. 

Lamperti / Capra, without being very impressive win with a good draw against Diaz / Santana. 

Note a mini-surprise nevertheless with the defeat of the pair Moyano / Gutierrez face Pinero / Ruiz. Big surprise on paper but mini-surprise in fact as the results are disappointing since the beginning of the season for this team. 

Jonathan Uzan

Specialist World Padel Tour, Jonathan manages the WPT Facebook page PADEL.
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