Bullpadel and the International Federation of Padel (FIP) have renewed their agreement dating from 2019. The two entities will continue to work together.

Bullpadel already equips the Spain team until 2023.

Bullpadel provide palas and official FIP accessories

Bullpadel therefore sees its technical sponsorship continue. The brand will provide the necessary material such as balls and other official accessories for the FIP. So the Bullpadel Gold will still be the ball used in tournaments of the International Federation of Padel. In addition, the official pala will also be a Bullpadel.

Bullets padel bullpadel gold

The equipment manufacturer 100% padel will therefore be greatly represented since the FIP continues the planetary development of its sport with:

  • His CUPRA FIP Tour (more than 70 tournaments).
  • Its FIP Promises Europe
  • Its World Junior, Senior and Absolute tournaments
  • Its new circuit for players under 18

A win / win partnership for the padel

The two entities want to continue to accentuate their efforts each on their own and together to continue to structure / develop the padel to capitalize on the current success of their sport.

A real chance for amateurs which gives hope for good development prospects for the padel a few years from now.

Sylvain Barnet

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