The more you level up, the more important the tactical aspect in padel. Here are the parameters that you will need to take into account first.

When we start the padel, the majority of the difference is made at the technical level. Players who come from other racket sports, including tennis, have a superior technique than beginners who have not practiced any ball sport.

Thus, those who are used to specific movements in racket sports, who have good gestures allowing them to make fewer mistakes, a good eye, and / or a good physique are those who naturally dominate at the start.

Indeed, real beginners generally have a technical background too weak to have many tactical possibilities. For example, if you face a player who has a very good smash on the grid, you will have to avoid giving him an angle on the high balls, but still you have to be clever enough to make lobs in the center…

It is therefore essential in the first place to take lessons with a teacher in order to have a technique to be able to play different areas, speed up or slow down the game etc.

Once this technical barrier has been crossed, tactics become preponderant. Whatever their level, players have weak points and strong points which they must be able to identify, and especially to compare with those of their adversaries, to be able adapt to all situations.

Example, you are used to dominating the phases during which the 4 players are on the fly, but one day you come across players who have the top on you in this area. You will therefore seek to avoid those situations that you usually seek to cause.

It is therefore imperative from the start of the match.analyze the areas in which your opponents are stronger and weaker than you, and discuss a tactic to adopt with your partner. A tactic that will have to evolve according to the results, the confidence, the events that will take place in a match.

All this of course in taking into account the conditions : indoor or outdoor, humidity, wind, sun, speed of the track, state of the balls etc. You will avoid, for example, lobbing an excellent smacker too much if it is very hot and the balls are new. On the other hand, when the balls are used up, you can try to lob it more because if it does not manage to make winning smashes, you could have easy blocks, it could get frustrated, and get into a bad dynamic.

When two players have a different level, or one of them goes through a bad patch, it can also be smart to use fridge tactics. Generally, the higher the level, the more tactical possibilities there are, and the more the padel becomes a real game of chess. Think about it the next time you hit the court!

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