Whether it is out of simple curiosity, or for a concrete project, you have already touched on this subject in a conversation. The point is that at some point you have to think about the cost of building a plot of land padel.

In this article, we will discuss different important points for the installation of a court. padel and see what factors can make the short more or less expensive.

The main requirement: space

You are aware, to build a short padel, it takes space. Whether you want to do it near your home or you are an investor considering starting a club, know that you will need at least 200 square meters per plot,  although it is convenient to have a little more space around the track.

It's time to find out what are the factors that will influence the final grade.

Terrain Padel 3D

Factors that will influence the price

The structure

The structure has galvanized steel structural tube pillars which are mechanically anchored. These pillars are connected by electro-welded mesh frames by means of 10 metric through screws with antioxidant treatment.


Two choices will be imposed on you: a thickness of 10 or 12 mm, requiring 6 ties to the structure in those measuring 3m x 2m and 4 ties in those measuring 2m x 2m.


The lattice can be of two shapes: simple twist ou electrowelded at all junctions. The latter is currently most often used in land construction.

It will also be necessary to determine if you need two exits in the fence or only one.


One of the most crucial aspects of court building is its lighting, usually LED. The objective is to have the best so that the players have the most visibility both during the day and at night. See now if you want to put 4 amounts or 8 and therefore have the most homogeneous lighting possible.


One of the keys to building your land is choosing the type of soil: with visible sand or without ?

The latest trend clearly shows that clubs are opting for a floor with no apparent sand, although it is more expensive. The reasons given? A more pleasant aesthetic appearance and less maintenance. The rugs are composed of fibers that are between 10 and 15 mm. The thickness will also have an influence on the price.


If you plan to build a short padel outside with blankets to be able to offer to practice this sport whether it is sunny or raining, you must think that this represents an additional element in your budget. You have different structures ranging from a simple roof to fully sheeted cover that you can open on sunny days.


Although grounds maintenance is not tied to the cost of construction, it is a factor to consider as one should always be aware of the cost of resolution any problems you may encounter like the lack of sand, a problem with electricity or a broken window.


To determine the cost of building your land padel, with or without structure, here are our partners with whom you can get information and ask your questions: 

Our construction partners


Other important information, so that your land is up to standard: FFT specifications

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