This Friday evening, Fernando Belasteguin will perhaps play the last official match of his career in Argentina.

This has certainly not escaped your notice if you follow the padel high level, the legendary Bela is participating this week in his last professional tournament in his native country. Indeed, the native of Pehuajo will retire at the end of the season and only one event of the Premier Padel is planned in Argentina this year.

And this evening in Mar Del Plata, the 45-year-old and his partner Juan Tello, who qualified for the quarters after winning two big fights, first against Lijo / Diestro then against Barahona / Zapata, will be opposed to the first world pair: Coello / Tapia.

If the “Boss” and the “Gato” should benefit from the support of a good part of the public for the possible last of the one who was world number 1 for sixteen years – a part will certainly encourage their compatriot Agustin – they will in no way be favorites in this meeting.

It's simple, since their debut together, Juan and Fernando have never beaten a top seed and facing them stand two men who this season have won four titles and have never been eliminated before the last four. 'a tournament…

You have understood, if logic is respected, Bela will therefore play his last official match in his country this evening. And as a symbol, he will have two of his former teammates facing him. So in your opinion, this fan of his country, who also displays the flag on his magnificent racket, will he play this evening one last time bandeja mythical on its land or will we be treated to a huge surprise?

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