Dunlop Padel offers 15 racket models for 2020, two of which are aimed at young people. Different shapes, different ranges, there is something for everyone!

For 2020, Dunlop offers three ranges, plus a Junior range.

The Pro range

As the name suggests, the range intended for experts. It combines two lines: Galactica and the Nemesis. The first is available in three models, and the second in two. We thus find the yellow Galactica, racket of Juani Mieres, a drop-shaped pala, with its characteristic Tri-Max bridge, a foam Pro eva and covered with Japanese 6k carbon, recognized for its exceptional comfort. She has a twin sister, the Galactica Control, which includes the same technologies, but in a round shape. It is green in color. Finally, the Galactica light, orange in color, a lighter version perfect for women, it's here pala chosen by Patty Llaguno!

The Nemesis line is that of the brand's other flagship player, Ramiro Moyano. The Argentinian plays with the red Nemesis, a very powerful racket in the shape of a drop of water. It includes 12k carbon on the faces, and an Pro Touch foam, perfect for feeling the ball. His sister, twin, the Nemesis Control, blue, includes the same technologies in a round shape.

The Intensive range

A range aimed at advanced / intermediate level players. She is made of three models. We find the Inferno Power, a very powerful racket, with a foam PowerFlex, which stands out with its large “salida de bola”, and graphite on the faces, for more responsiveness. The Blitz Power is also a powerful racket, which also has the graphite on the faces, this time with a Pro Touch foam, the same as the Nemesis. Finally, the Blitz light, is a light version of the Blitz Power with a Ultra Soft foam, perfect for women, players who suffer from the elbow, or simply for those who prefer light rackets.

The Performance Series range

A two in one range since it brings together three models more intended for intermediate level players : the Speed ​​Control Boost Power and the Boost Light , and two more for beginners : the Rapid Power and the Rapid Control. Speed ​​Control, Boost Power and Rapid Power have Pro Eva foam, like Galactica. The lighter Boost Light receives Ultra Soft foam, just like the Rapid Control.

The Serie Junior range

The two flagship models in the range: la Nemesis and the Galactica, in Junio ​​versionr. 330 gram snowshoes, perfect for young people, with a graphite frame and UltraSoft foam!

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