Kelme, the partner of the French Open, offers us 12 new palas for 2020. Find out which animal is made for you!

The brand on the paw, which is used to giving animal names to its snowshoes, offers us 10 models for 2020. With 4 very distinct ranges. Girls have not been forgotten, since two models are particularly intended for them. No more coyotes or bears in 2020, instead we find the mastiff, the lycan ... Let's try to see more clearly.

The Pro range

Kelme offers three models for the most demanding players. We find theOlympic, the model of Jose Rico. This racket, which is the most expensive offered by Kelme, returns in 2020. This high-end model in the shape of a drop of water has a Eva Soft Ultra foam combined with rough 18k carbon : perfect for those looking for a powerful racket with a big “salida de bola”. The smooth paint also brings more power.

Also in this category is the Jackal Lycan, two rackets which have basic characteristics similar to that of the Olimpica, namely 18k carbon and Eva Soft Ultra foams. The Jackal, which has a matte paint, may be a little less powerful, but more interesting for the effects. The Lycan, on the other hand, has a slightly more rounded design, which should make it more manageable.

The advanced range +

There are two rackets in this range, which are a little cheaper than those in the Expert range. The Shark and the Falcon. These two rackets have a foam “Black Eva compressed”, more elastic. They have carbon 3k on the faces, which makes them a little less rigid than the palas of the Pro range. The difference between these two rackets is at the level of the mold. That of the Falcon is a mixed mold, like on Lycan, while the Shark is teardrop-shaped, like Olimpica and Jackal.

The Mid range

A range of two rackets, intended for intermediate level players. The Lion is a racket in the shape of a drop of water, perfect for attackers, which is composed of the Eva Ultra Soft eraser, like the models of the Pro range, and three layers of fiberglass, for more elasticity. The Cat is a version of the Lion for the female audience, lighter, and with a mixed mold, like that of the Falcon, which implies less weight at the top.

The Fun range

A range for beginners composed of 3 rackets, very handy thanks to the hybrid mold. Soft foam and fiberglass, tolerant rackets with a large sweet spot. We find the Mastin, the Tiger, and the Tigress, in a very pretty pink, perfect for girls who put on padel.

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