This weekend took place two P1000, a P1000 men and a P1000 women, both gathered in one and the same place, Tennis Padel Sun. Ultra complete tables brought together the best French pairs, both male and female (especially!). Ginier / Collombon and Ritz / Moreau having been the best.

A radiant weather was invited to the feast of padel where all our tricolor “cracks” had a meeting. Saturday and Sunday, two days during which the public, who came in large numbers, could enjoy very nice matches of padel.

An ultra-present organization, notably with the help of the association of padel Monegasque woman who helped everyone present to feel at ease. The Mayor and his wife had also made the trip to make a point of honor to this national event.

In the ladies

The logic has been respected throughout the table. Beautiful games, hung for some. We will not fail to mention the good performance of Vo / Feaugas that crosses the table. Due to their low ranking, they had to start in the first round. We will find them in the final after having defeated the number 2 number of the tournament, Mélissa Martin and Léa Godallier in two sets 7 / 5 7 / 6. The final will oppose Vo / Feaugas 1 number Ginnier / Collombon, too strong this time. They print an 6 / 2 6 / 2 in one hour of time.

In the men

A very busy Saturday. Start of hostilities at 9h00 for an end at 23 hours. A high level during this first day where the public had responded present. On Sunday, the logic of the top seeds will be respected. We will find in the final pairs 1 and 2 tournament after tense semi-finals. The number 1 Ritz / Moreau will make the difference in the third set against Lopes / Gauthier snatching a 7 / 5 after 7 / 6 4 / 6. The other semi-final, also tense, will be won in the third set by De Benito / Peyrou 6 / 1 after two first sets 6 / 3 3 / 6 against Corbelli / Ferrandez. The final will be a show of aggression on the part of Moreau / Ritz that will leave no chance for Peyrou / De Benito 6 / 2 6 / 1.

Julien Bondia

Julien Bondia is a teacher of padel in Tenerife (Spain). Columnist and advisor, he helps you play better through his tutorials and tactical/technical articles padel.