If we are not going to scream victory immediately, the padel lives since 5 years, an exceptional story: The padel is gradually coming into the lives of people. In France, as in Italy, Portugal, Belgium or Sweden, the padel is no longer a sport that could be confused, for example with Stand Up Paddle.

"It's a long gone story. The padel comes into people's lives. Whether we play snowshoes or not, we are no longer UFOs"Tells Pascal GUION, the manager of the center of Racket Park not far from Tours.

When I go out to present and promote padel, people no longer discover the padel. And that's already a victory for the padel.

The Padel Club of Bois d'Arcy can also testify to the development of this sport. This club is one of the paddle pioneers in the area. And he sees the number of players increase from month to month.

"Today, we reach many audiences. People who had never had tennis or even racket sports for some. It is the asset of this sport, it is accessible and allows to touch other profiles. " says one of the founders of the Yvelinois center: John Berenbaum.

We also see many companies interested in this sport that has the wind in its sails. The entrance ticket to enter the padel is not huge compared to other sports. We see many padel players in France and internationally promote businesses. And they are right !

This sport is experiencing an unprecedented development in France. But also in the world. The saturated Spanish market, sees an international market opening up to him. And what a pool!

The professional Padel circuit, the World Padel Tour, is proud to show that its circuit is international, even if the best players in the world remain Spanish speakers. But a few years ago, we only saw Argentineans and Spaniards. Today in pre-qualifying, we have seen this year up to 17 nationalities present. The WPT and Spain can say thank you to this global boom.

In France, we see cities bathed in the padel for many years as Perpignan. The Club du Mas popularized padel so much in the region that it made little ones. It has become indeed, a region very rich padel club.

And people without necessarily having played, know the padel. The Open de France paddle in Perpignan showed how much the padel was popular.

explains Alban Serra, your columnist and photographer from the south of France.

In France, we are a country of racket sports. The Padel is part of the French Tennis Federation, one of the richest and most powerful sports federations in the world. If we will certainly find negative points in all this, it remains nonetheless that it opens up prospects for development. Moreover, we observe in 2019, that there has been a lot of new structures (clubs, websites ...) around the padel.

The padel starts from a distance and everything remains to be done, starting with finding a healthier, more stable padel economy for French paddle players. But there is a beginning to everything and companies are right to bet on the padel.

The companies are confident. We are seeing more and more business committees getting closer to padel clubs to offer padel days to employees. What's more normal: Padel is everything that a company is looking for.

Works councils storm padel clubs

Franck Binisti

Franck Binisti discovers the padel at the Pyramid Club in 2009 in the Paris region. Since then padel is part of his life. You often see him touring France by going to cover the big French paddle events.