Some will laugh: How can we write that the padel is a team sport, but also particularly individualistic. Perhaps even more than tennis, contrary to what one might think.

First, the padel is a team sport. This is a sport that is practiced at 2 and even at 3 for those lucky enough to have a coach in the field. Because in this sport, we have the right to be helped by a coach. It can be seen regularly during World Padel Tour matches.

On the field, both players must support each other, motivate themselves and move forward together, even when it's difficult.

But to move forward together, there is first a lot of individual work. How to listen? How to give the best of oneself to help one's partner? Jean-Marc Pequery, mental coach, explained that his work with some tops French paddle players was precisely to help them better communicate with their partners. "Before thinking about your partner, you have to think of yourself, your behavior, what you are going to project with your partner to enable you to be in the best possible conditions"

KO can come from his own partner

In the padel, there are relatively few expectations between the points in relation to tennis. it can go very fast, turn in one direction as in another ... A bit like squash for insiders. A word from your partner can boost you and boost you as having the opposite effect.

For that, it is necessary to carry out a big individual work, to question for a common cause, but also to help his partner. An individual job for this team sport.

Hence all the enormous work that there must be upstream. You have to be mentally prepared.

The padel is also sometimes a hard sport to cash. Who says association, says separation. This separation is like a divorce. When one embarks on an adventure together, and one day a pair breaks because one of the players is hoping to find the greener grass elsewhere, the one who is "abandoned" may experience a malaise and difficulties to revive sports. Sometimes, this abandoned player can even find himself in a complicated situation, for example, no longer have partners available ... And therefore no longer play.

The padel can be terrible because if the padel is a team sport, it is also a very individual sport that can sometimes hurt and hurt a partner (old). But it's the life of padel players (and even amateur players). And she is far from being so easy!

You see the life of padel players, not so simple, but we love it anyway! Love what!

Franck Binisti

Franck Binisti discovers the padel at the Pyramid Club in 2009 in the Paris region. Since then padel is part of his life. You often see him touring France by going to cover the big French paddle events.