Are you planning to go on a padel holiday in Spain, but you were like sleeping in the back of the class during high school Spanish classes? A Spanish speaker offers a part but you hesitate because you did German second language? This post is for you!

As we have already mentioned in the past, the communication on the padel field is fundamental. You have integrated well and know perfectly give the right information to your partner ... in French. But what if he speaks only Spanish? Here are the words and phrases you will need to memorize to express yourself as well as a World Padel Tour player! Let's start with the specific elements of the padel game.

  • The land: "The pista"
  • The line: "The line"
  • The grid: "The reja"
  • The window: "El cristal"
  • The net: "The red"
  • The band: "The cinta"
  • The racket: "The pala"
  • A lob: "A globo"
  • A smash: "A remate"
  • A cushioned: "Una dejada"
  • Take out the ball by three / four: "Sacar the bola por tres / por cuatro"
  • The fly: "The volea"
  • Player from left / right: "Jugador (a) de rees / de derecha"
  • Serve / Return: "Sacar" / "Restar"
  • Forehand / Revers: "Golpe de derecha" / "Dream Golpe"
  • Back of glass: "Bajada de pared"

Now let's look at the expressions that will allow you to inform your partner during a point.

  • The two players at the bottom: "Atrás los (las) dos" or "Nadie" (to say that there is nobody at the net)
  • The (a) mine at the bottom / your at the bottom: "Atrás el (la) mío (mía)" / "Atrás el (la) tuyo (a)"
  • Both come up: "Suben los dos"
  • Mine goes up / yours goes up: "Sube el mío" / "Sube el tuyo"
  • Both at the net: "Los dos en la red"
  • Mine at the net / yours at the net: "El mío en la red" / "El tuyo en la red"
  • Both stuck to the net: "Los dos pegados"
  • Mine glued to the net / yours stuck to the net: "El mío pegado" / "El tuyo pegado"
  • To me / to you: "Voy" / "Tù"
  • Go out: "¡Sal!"
  • To encourage his partner to go for a cushion: "¡Sigue!"
  • To tell his partner to smash to finish: "¡Dale!"

And of course if you want to have a drink at the end of the game with your partners, you can for example say "una botella de agua por favor" 😉

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