Le padel is a sport practiced by both men and women. Very physical and requiring a good diet, the players of padel professionals are very often idolized by the community of the world of padel. A small survey especially for women would be welcome to find out which professional player looks the most beautiful physically?

Youth or old people?

Ladies, this question is for you. There are a lot of players from padel on the circuit of World Padel Tour but you must all have a little darling that you love. We would like to know who is your favorite player and especially why!

On one side we have youth with Alejandro Galan, Stupa, Lebron, and many others. On the other side we have Belasteguin, Lima, Mieres, Lamperti who are still there and continue to resist the young people.

So ladies, who do you prefer?

Leave your answer in comment.

Max Moreau

Max Moreau is one of the best French in padel. The Sherlock of padel opens the doors to the French and professional circuit. This expert in padel will not hesitate to intervene on the tactics and the technique of our sport.